The Eternal Castle – Basic Controls and Actions

Keyboard Controls

Motion and Interplay

(Up/Soar): Up arrow; W; Spacebar
(Down/Crouch): Down arrow; S
(Left): Left arrow; A
(Proper): Proper arrow; D
(Motion): Ctrl; X; E; Left Mouse; Enter
(Ranged): Alt; Z; Q; Proper Mouse
(Dash): Shift; C; Center Mouse
(Change Weapon): Tab
(Swap Auto Stroll): CapsLock


(Menu): Esc
(Music toggle): Ctrl+M
(Person Interface toggle): Ctrl+U
(Timer visibility): T

Character Actions

Leaping and Rolling

(Soar): Up + Ahead
(Lengthy Soar): Run + Soar
(Fall and roll): Falling + Down
(Dodge roll): Crouch + Stand + Crouch

Taking pictures

(Shoot): Ranged + Motion
(Goal/Distant vary): Ranged + Up

Melee Preventing

(Melee assault): Motion
(Melee cost): Run + Motion
(Melee various): Dash + Motion
(Melee combo): Repeated Motion
(Plunging assault): Falling + Motion
(Melee block): Maintain Motion + Up
(Melee transfer): Maintain Motion + Transfer
(Melee transfer quick): Dash + Melee transfer
(Melee stun): Melee transfer quick ahead

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