The Isle: How to Play Sucho

All the things you’ll must know to play and benefit from the superb Jurassic duck.

Earlier than You Start

Earlier than you play sucho for the primary time, you have to be in the appropriate mindset to actually get pleasure from it. That mindset is very easy to get into.

1- Settle for that as a juvie, you’ll undoubtedly be eaten not less than 2-6 occasions earlier than you attain a river. Why rivers? Extra on that later.

2- Get relaxed. Breathe deep, and picture gradual issues. Sucho is a gradual trotter, and a fair slower walker. It’s in regards to the slowest carnivore within the recreation on land. That is high-quality.

3- I don’t know why I made a 3rd one, that is just about all you have to do.

Shade Choice

Sucho is a uncommon chook. It’s a carnivore that you would be able to actually mess around with. Since as a juvie, if something sees you at any distance you might be virtually definitely useless, camouflage isn’t actually all that vital. It’s not vital as an grownup both, since you’re gonna be searching from that magical place– UNDER THE WATER

So, decide no matter colours strike your fancy. I just like the firebelly newt method, which is a feminine pores and skin and all giga 5 apart from the underbelly, which is the rex coloration that’s at the moment brilliant orange. Appears to be like actually cool if you stand and 3-call. Somewhat edgy, but it surely works.

Go nuts, experiment. Get pleasure from your self. In the event you check out a pores and skin and don’t prefer it, you’ll most likely be eaten not less than as soon as earlier than you hit a river so it’s not an enormous deal to vary. Nevertheless, ideally, you don’t get eaten so do attempt a bit bit to get a pores and skin you want.

The Juvie Sucho in its Pure Habitat

Welcome to Darkish Souls. Each enemy is quicker than you, stronger than you, and is out on your blood. However that’s okay, since you are affected person. You’re the river. Regardless of how gradual it’s a must to go, you retain on shifting alongside the trail of least resistance.

The very first thing it’s best to learn about sucho is that it does NOT must eat to progress to grownup mannequin. That being stated, any meals you may get your skinny little snoot round is a welcome meal. Completely eat oros and ‘ttacos at each alternative, however solely it it’s out of the open and there aren’t any noisy issues close by.

Customary juvie-hunting-ai guidelines apply; if there are numerous them, watch out, and don’t do it within the course of any native roars

Nevertheless, you DO must drink. 3 times, minimal, to achieve grownup with out dehydrating to loss of life. That being stated:


You drink at a staggering charge of ONE PERCENT PER SIP

Rain is your good friend.

Maps are topic to vary, however at the moment on V3, spawn on the bay, in the event you’re not already, cross away from the radio tower. Get about midway up the seashore and head straight south. Simply hold trotting your gradual little butt alongside that direct south route, and ultimately you’ll hit the delta, which additionally branches into the good ravine, each of that are prime sucho searching grounds.


– As a juvie, it’s extra environment friendly to journey through water than it’s to dash, and it’s sooner than trotting. Make your approach down the seashore through the water.

– You’ll at all times have a fairly lengthy oxygen timer. If you’re out of stamina on the seashore, or alongside any deep river, swim it doesn’t matter what. When your oxygen will get low sufficient you begin to fear, get again on shore and let it regen, then get proper again within the water once more.

– Earlier level works very well as a result of sucho has a static swim pace. That signifies that in contrast to all different dinosaurs, your swim pace is similar irrespective of how lengthy you’ve been swimming. Each different dinosaur ultimately “runs out of steam” and swims i n c r e d i b l y s l o w l y


Use the bottom as cowl. Any time you may put a hill or rock between you and a possible predator, that’s a possibility to interrupt off your escape vector and conceal in addition to you may.

DO TAKE NOTE: hiding inside rocks or below water by sitting is towards even official server guidelines and on official servers may end up in a ban.

The Sucho, the Submarine

So. You made it to the river, or the lake, or, lord make it easier to, the woods you want, and also you’ve made it to grownup mannequin. WAIT! Don’t click on that development button but! Eat something you may, ideally small issues, and eat the gores. You may solely eat the small and tiny gores left by most juvies and the present ai if you are your self a juvie. After that, it’s a must to hunt bigger prey if you wish to eat gores.


Your playstyle turns into utterly completely different. You at the moment are capable of transfer on land, however it’s best to at all times keep close to rivers deep sufficient to swim in. As an grownup sucho, you might be in your prime for the wonderful approach of the water ambush. Your swim is comparatively fast, it drains your stamina VERY slowly, and the most effective a part of all…


You’ll naturally go utterly below the floor of the water as grownup mannequin sucho. That is intentional.

As an grownup, if you swim in deep rivers, your swim leaves no ripples and makes no noise. In lakes, it does each, which is why sucho does its finest work within the massive rivers alongside the enormous ravines on V3.

Looking as a sucho is doable as a solo participant, and sucho is one that truly actually lends itself to solo play, but it surely’s higher with a companion.

Stamina administration is essential as a sucho. You employ stamina slowly whereas working, and a bit sooner whereas swimming, but it surely regenerates EXTRAORDINARILY slowly. In the event you do an enormous swim for a very long time and also you run out, you may’t dash after any prey when you get on land after which your swimming capabilities are actually restricted.

Don’t journey by water when you attain grownup. In the event you do, don’t keep in previous half stamina. When you get to half stamina swimming, until prey is in sight and inside attain or predators are within the space, get on land and stroll or lay down and bask. Ideally, you see prey at medium vary and slip into the water unseen and ambush whereas they’re near shore.

That is the place it’s useful to have a companion. You may extra successfully hunt issues that might usually run away from you (carno, cerato) with this technique.

1. Land sucho is clearly on land, both strolling in direction of or in any other case holding consideration of shoregoer prey.

2. Water sucho does a s w i m m and will get as near the goal as attainable.

d. Water sucho emerges from the water and runs at/bites prey merchandise.

If you’re taking part in alone, take away the 1st step.

Sucho shouldn’t be the most effective in fights, however it could positively pull its weight. Sucho could not as tanky as some issues, however the nearer you might be to full grownup the stronger you might be. Don’t decide fights with grownup apexes (herbs and carnis alike), however just about the rest is on the menu. Be cautious round allos, however apart from that… eat.

Tag group combating is often actually nice as sucho. Whereas one goal engages, one other is available in from behind and assaults, complicated the goal and drawing consideration away from the extra broken sucho.

As a sucho you’ve got fairly good bleed resistance and heal, and also you heal shortly normally. Do assault fastidiously, however don’t be timid both. In the event you’re assured together with your abilities, use your individual battle judgement.

IF YOU GET BIT BY AN ADULT GIGA, YOU ARE GOING TO DIE. It’s all over already when you’ve been bitten, DO NOT TRY TO SWIM AWAY. You’ll virtually definitely die within the water and get banned from official servers.

Parting Phrases

-Be ready to die as a juvie. Quite a bit. You’re a hamburger with actually weak legs so far as each different carnivore on the map is worried, and 9 occasions out of ten there isn’t something you are able to do about it.

– In the event you don’t like taking issues gradual, in the event you lack endurance, sucho might be not for you. In the event you need the hard-n-fast way of life that usually comes with the lively hunters, in the event you like traversing all the map over the course of an hour, sucho might be not for you.

– In the event you like the concept of ambushing issues from the water, spending most of your time swimming or lounging about, sucho is likely to be for you.

– In the event you love searching prey whereas they do not know you exist, then showing like a phantom of loss of life from the water and consuming them earlier than they notice what simply occurred, sucho is totally for you.

– In case your spirit animal is a crocodile, a duck, or some mixture of these two animals, you’ll love sucho.

– in the event you like pina coladas, and getting caught within the rain… wait, that’s not proper.

I’m getting distracted. The purpose of sucho is to be the stealth tank. The nuclear submarine. You shock your prey into paralysis and end them at your leisure. You befuddle your predators who’ve to observe as their prey vanishes from all view right into a dimension that’s deadly to them. You’re the shadows. You’re the night time. You… are water.

The very last thing I’ll say will profit you each as a sucho participant, and as a non-sucho participant. That is it, the one massive secret. These of you who’ve stayed this far are worthy. Turning on night time imaginative and prescient reveals animals which are underwater inside the vary. That is the anti-sucho radar. Dilos will decide up on you at night time in the event you creep as much as them and they’re cautious of the water. Count on this the longer sucho is a swimmy swimmy boi. Use this to keep away from biting your teammate when goofing off underwater. Use this to finish depressing suchos which are in your giga’s territory and assume they’re sneaky. Use this to examine to verify water is protected and to get away earlier than you get obtained as a dryo.

Be gradual. Settle for the gradual. Be affected person. Be calm, cool, collected. Be like water. Movement, crash, all that good things.

Completely satisfied fishing.

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