The Lord of the Rings Living Card Game

Information to Palantir Views

So Palantir Views are one of many least understood and strongest rewards you will get within the LotR DLCG, let’s break down why.

To start with, when you get going they’re pretty plentiful. You get some to begin relying in your bundle, you get one each time you purchase a Hero Pack and then you definitely get one for each new Hero you rating 250pts with on a quest for the primary time. Proper now, there are 8 Heroes and 5 Quests, so a complete of 40 Palantir views up for grabs this fashion. However because the pool of Heroes grows and campaigns get added, it will result in a ton of obtainable “PV”s to achieve. For instance, on the finish of EA there’ll supposedly be 20 Heroes and 15 quests, that’s 300 Palantir Views you possibly can win simply by beating quests!

Now what’s so good about them you ask? They provide two rewards, one is all the time a card out of your “Valor Card” pool, ie ones which are out there so that you can buy with valor. This implies no duplicates of playing cards you have already got 2x of, and no playing cards from Hero Packs you haven’t unlocked. The second is often extra VP! although generally you will get beauty gadgets as properly.

Now again to the Valor Card half trigger that is an important. In case you purchase all of your commons and uncommons with valor, that are pretty low-cost, earlier than you employ your Palantir Views, you’ll be assured a Uncommon or a Legendary. This implies every Palantir View could be made to be value 1500vp or extra, simply from the primary card reward!

In order powerful as it may be to be affected person, I like to recommend saving these up, you don’t wish to be getting playing cards value 375vp when you possibly can manipulate the cardboard pool to drive them to provide you playing cards value 3000vp, that’s virtually 10x the worth!

Anyway, hopefully it’s obvious why PVs are vital now but when not be happy to ask questions under and I’ll try to assist make clear. Glad questing!

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