The Outer Worlds Catherine Malin Quest Guide

Catherine Malin Quest Information

Catherine Malin Location
She will be discovered at Fallbrook in Monarch

Catherine Malin Associated Quests

  1. Slaughterhouse Clive
  2. A Cysty-Dance with Demise
  3. Area-Crime Continuum (Faction Quest)
  4. Errors Unseen (Faction Quest)

1. Slaughterhouse Clive Walkthrough

This quest is obtained in Fallbrook, Monarch, by speaking to Catherine Malin. She is going to share that she needs to take the earnings and operations of Clive Lumbergh’s Boarst manufacturing facility. Agree to start the hunt.

The C&P Boarst Manufacturing facility is situated southwest of Forlorn Crossroads. You possibly can receive a Boarst Manufacturing facility ID Cartridge from Duncan Elley, in Fallbrook. You’ll want Persuade, Lie or Intimidate 50. Get hold of it and you’ll simply stroll as much as the entrance door. For those who do, you’ll be greeted by a guard and also you’ll must Persuade (20) or Lie (35) or Intimidate (55) your manner by means of, acquiring C&P Boarst Manufacturing facility Gate Key. Head for the big door on the again as soon as by means of to make your manner into the manufacturing facility.

Alternatively, you possibly can take the C&P Manufacturing facility Sewer Entrance, which is situated on the foot of the waterfall simply southeast from the manufacturing facility’s most important entrance. Lockpicking 35 is required to open the door.

Head up the steps and make your manner by means of the door inside then subsequent room. Earlier than getting into the following room, there’s a terminal to your left that may be interacted with to edit the monetary data (requires Intelligence). Head down the stairwell after which head for the big door on the again after which the big door instantly by means of it on the correct. Make your manner up the conveyor belt and leap over to the ladder, and climb up. Right here you can see a terminal that may tamper with the manufacturing price you probably have Engineering (55). Shimmy throughout the pipes to the locked to door and make your manner by means of. You’ll have little or no time to do that, so hurry. This can put you into Clive Lumbergh’s workplace.

You possibly can try and make a cope with him or you possibly can kill him. For those who kill him, return to Catherine to finish this quest and achieve 21,000 XP, 2,199 Bit Cartridge and Distinctive Armor: Sublight Contractor Helm. For those who attempt to get him and Catherine to work collectively he’ll balk, however you should use Medical (55) to acknowledge the physique components on him usually are not pigs, however the truth is human. This can can help you persuade him to work with Catherine if you want and internet you 7000 XP.

You possibly can then persuade him to allow you to kill Catherine, starting the hunt A Cysty-Dance with Demise.

You possibly can pickpocket Clive to acquire Clive’s Workplace Key. Then go away by means of the close by raise and unlock the sealed door – granting you quick access to Clive sooner or later.

For those who determined to not kill Clive or Catherine, communicate with Catherine and both Lie (100) or Persuade (50) her to work with him to achieve 1,300 XP. You possibly can Persuade (50) her once more to achieve an extra 1,300 XP. Preserve talking together with her to achieve a further 28000 XP, 2,188 Bit Cartridges and the Distinctive Armor: Sublight Contractor Helm. By doing this you’ll Botch the hunt A Cysty-Dance with Demise.

2. A Cysty-Dance with Demise Walkthrough

This quest is obtained by confronting Clive within the C&P Boarst Manufacturing facility on Monarch and convincing him to allow you to kill Catherine Malin.

The best strategy to kill Catherine is to Sneak Assault her from behind and conceal in nook till the guards are not alert. Killing her will internet you 12000 XP. Nevertheless, if you happen to do that you’ll Botch the Slaughterhouse Clive quest, and you can not full each of those quests. Moreover, all SubLight personnel in Monarch will turn out to be hostile to you and also you achieve large destructive Status with SubLight Salvage & Transport.

Converse to Clive to get 28000 XP and max Constructive Status with C&P Boarst Manufacturing facility. You’ll additionally achieve 1,125 Bit Cartridges and the Distinctive Weapon: Clive’s Cleaver.

You possibly can take the cans of Boarst off the desk within the subsequent room and communicate to Clive about them to achieve 625 Bit Cartridges.

3. Area-Crime Continuum Walkthrough

This quest is obtained by taking the job with Lilya Hagen aboard the Groundbreaker after you’ve gained entry to Stellar Bay on Monarch.

Head exterior to the fishery docks in Stellar Bay of Monarch and loot the corpse there within the nook. This can give you a Bloody Observe that has a passcode on it. Take the be aware to Catherine Malin in Fallbrook.

Make your strategy to Fallbrook, visiting Amber Heights for a number of quests within the course of. Discuss to Mortimer Bell close to the doorway and, if you happen to’re doing Area-Crime Continuum, ask him the place to search out Catherine Malin, and also you’ll achieve Sublight Salvage & Transport status.

Go to satisfy Catherine and inform her you’re right here to repair the issue. She says you will need to syphon the gasoline from Cascadia’s lab into one in every of your ship’s gasoline tanks. She warns you the city is overrun by Marauders and the lab is swarmed with mantisaurs. You possibly can point out that Nyoka can kill them or Ellie can drug them. She is going to let you know technical abilities are wanted, you possibly can point out Parvati or Vicar Max. You’re to take the gasoline to the Groundbreaker when you receive it. End the dialogue and earn 5000xp

Catherine has an additional job, nonetheless. You possibly can choose it up now. She needs you to take Clive Lumbergh’s boarst manufacturing facility, proprietor lifeless or alive. You possibly can kill him or sabotage the manufacturing facility. This unlocks the facet quest Slaughterhouse Clive. Converse to Duncan Elley for an ID if you happen to want to sneak in. You’ll must Persuade (50), Lie (50) or Intimidate (50) to get one.

Clive is situated inside C&P Boarst Manufacturing facility to the southwest of Fallbrook. For those who can attain him and persuade him to work with Catherine then you possibly can deliver his proposition to her. Or you possibly can simply kill him. For those who tried to get them to work collectively once you communicate with Catherine you want a Persuade (50) or Lie (100) to get her to do it.

Head to Cascadia and work together with the terminal close to the sealed door containing what you search (it’s inside a constructing). It is advisable override the system with the password and the door will reveal a raise that takes you to Rizzo Secret Laboratory. Be sure you go searching Cascadia earlier than you head inside, as you could find Zora’s Govt Evaluate on one other terminal inside Rizzo’s. This can can help you use the terminal on the locked gate to Cascadia.

As soon as contained in the lab you’ll achieve 5000 XP, and also you’ll come throughout a safety robotic, however you may get by with Lie (60). To the left of the robots there’s a room with a terminal. Use it to sign ADA to land, and your quest will replace and grant you 5000 XP. Proceed exploring by taking the route left from the doorway. You’ll go a locked door with some loot inside and are available to a room with a number of Mantisaur.

Following the path-ridden entice with out Mantisaur, that has Mechanical Guardian MK 2 as an alternative. You’ll must dodge mines and ray tripwires except you could have lockpicking 100. Be careful for the steam and the mines on the partitions as properly! That is the way in which you will need to take if you wish to use air flow to unravel your bug downside.

Defeat the mantisaur and climb the ladder then work together with the terminal to align the gasoline. After that, provoke Alta-Vitae Gasoline switch – you’ll be taught this terminal shouldn’t be allowed and you must make it to a different one. Earn 5000xp

Go down the ladder and open the close by door. There’s extra Mantisaur to kill, and a creepy shrine to Dr. Thomas Lynwood Ryall to look at. Go to the far finish of the room and you’ll take a proper to loot some gadgets and skim a terminal, after which take the other way to combat a Mantiqueen. The terminal up the steps previous the queen is the one you want in your quest. Choose to attach storage tanks to the touchdown pad refueling system. Now you can Engineering (40), Hack (60) or Overload the methods. You’ll achieve 5000xp.

When you are contained in the lab, discover the Thoughts Management Ray for the hunt Weapons from the Void. Go towards the raise and look proper – there’s a spot to leap throughout, resulting in a ladder, one other leap and one other ladder. You’ll discover a lifeless scientist and a protected that accommodates Thoughts Management Ray. (3500xp)

Take the raise out and also you’ come out by a bunch of Mantisaur on the alternative facet of the locked gate from the principle city. You possibly can head to the Unreliable and again to the Groundbreaker to finish the hunt by speaking to Lylya Hagen at SubLight. (5000xp)

Ending the hunt offers you 20000xp, SubLight Salvage & Transport Status Up, 2188 Bit Cartridge. You possibly can Persuade (100) for 2300xp and 500 Bit Cartridge. For those who accomplished Slaughterhouse Clive you’ll obtain additional SubLight Salvage & Transport status, and Lilya will ask if the swine gave you any unusual seems.

You’ll additionally unlock the hunt to maneuver in and commandeer a decommissioned station as a SubLight Salvage & Transport Distant Station. Settle for to acquire the hunt The Ice Palace and acquire Override Cartridge, which lets you journey to the hunt vacation spot.

4. Errors Unseen Walkthrough

Discuss to Sanjar after finishing BOLT with His Title. He reveals the plan is to blackmail The Board into letting them again to the desk. Sanjar will reveal he believes one other company is working illegally inside Monarch, granting you the hunt Errors Unseen. He’ll let you know Catherine is probably going supplying them from Fallbrook. He needs you to infiltrate the key facility and produce again proof – be it an merchandise or workers.

Head to Fallbrook, south of Stellar Bay, and discuss to Catherine Malin. She is going to say “perhaps” one in every of her groups have been employed for a drop-off and have gone lacking, and supply to pay you handsomely if you happen to discover them. You can even get this data by pickpocketing her keycard and utilizing her terminal.

Head north from Fallbrook and you can see the Drop-off level alongside the highway. The highway is a lifeless finish – there will likely be two Mantiqueen and a number of other Mantisaur on the way in which. You’ll meet Weston Sloan by the damaged bridge heading north. The drop level is on the decrease stage below the damaged bridge – this unlocks the placement “Blown Bridge”. Examine the loader to achieve 5625xp after which observe the hint of blood west towards the Smuggler Tunnel.

Inside the tunnel, watch out for a number of electrical traps and mines, and make your strategy to Arthur. You should use medical (40) to take a look at his wounds, and a few Sublight Salvage & Transport status. You possibly can then ask him what occurred, or reveal Catherine advised you to return. He’ll say there ambushed by Marauders, who appeared to know the place the assembly would happen. He’ll let you know which manner they went, and you may get 5625xp for this step.

The Marauders headed West from this location, up a hill previous some Mantisaur and Mantiswarm. You’ll arrive at UDL Lab location. The Marauders have a bunch of scientists rounded up, and promptly kill them. Defeat the Marauder and Canid enemies. Contained in the constructing, a number of extra Marauders await alongside their Ringleader. You possibly can choose up UDL Lab Weapons Terminal Keycard from a desk on the second flooring, the place you kill the ringleader. Entry the terminal on the opposite room of the second flooring and switch information to exterior tape to deliver proof of UDL’s Lorem Ipsum mission. Achieve 5625xp and UDL Analysis Information quest merchandise.

You possibly can deliver the UDL Lab Weapons Terminal Key Card to the first flooring and work together with a terminal. You possibly can unlock the weapon they’ve been creating with Hack (55) or reply: Shield the Chairman, reply: Berate him relentlessly to defend the Chairman’s honor, reply: Arrest your partner and admit your kids to a reeducation program. Now you can choose up Gloop Gun, a Science Weapon a part of the Weapons From the Void Quest.

Go northwest and also you’ll come to a closed Gate. Unlock it with the close by terminal to make entry simpler sooner or later. Go North towards Stellar Bay and also you’ll come throughout a Marauder Camp. Kill them after which discuss to Lenora Talley, who’s a prisoner right here. This can unlock her as a vendor close to Fallbrook.

Return to Stellar Bay and discuss to Sanjar Nandi at his workplace. Ask him what the reformations are, and he’ll reveal he’s planning to reformat The Board, however slowly and from inside. Nyoka expresses concern about what’s going to occur to Amber Heights and Fallbrook.

For those who give Sanjar the information, the hunt will full, supplying you with 15000xp, 2188 Bit Cartridge, MSI Elite Armor and Monarch Stellar Industries Status.

Return to Catherine Malin at Fallbrook and inform her about Arthur within the cave – you’ll get SunLight Salvage & Transport Status.

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