The Outer Worlds Happiness Is A Warm Spaceship Quest Guide

The vast majority of aspect quests in The Outer Worlds are easy. Converse with an NPC, comply with the goals, performed. Be sure if you find yourself making an attempt a selected quest, that it’s chosen in your journal. You may solely observe one quest at a time, so that you need to make sure you’re chasing the proper markers.

Happiness Is A Heat Spaceship Quest Information


For this quest you’ll have to get new components for the Radiator Array which helps the groundbreaker calm down. You’ll have to go to the again bays and get previous equipment from there as a result of Junlei desires you to. If you happen to resolved issues peacefully with MacRedd then you may get the components and return to Junlei.

You’ll have to ask Junlie concerning the goal of the components you discovered upon which she is going to ask you to enter the upkeep shaft and set up the brand new components in there together with her. She additionally warns you to maintain your wapons.

After that you’ll return to her and inform her that the radiators are fastened and get your reward which is eighteen,000 xp, 3,000 Bit Cartridge, Welder’s Goggles and enhance in Groundbreaker repute.

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