The Outer Worlds Nell Quest Guide

Nell Quest Information

The Grimm Tomorrow Walkthrough

Communicate with Grimm while you first land on the Stellar Bay Touchdown Pad and provide to assist him to realize this quest. Discover Celia Robbins in Sanjar’s workplace, and ask her concerning the poster. She is going to say you have to discuss to Velma, and warns you that her persistence is skinny. You’ll get 5000xp.

Speak to Velma Ballard on the warehouse, and she is going to say that she received a greater provide from Nell from the betting home. Velma has not given the poster to Nell but, and it’s locked in her workplace till she receives cost. You’ll get 5200xp and may ask additional concerning the state of affairs. Asking to work out a deal brings three choices: Intimidate (50), persuade (30) and Bribe for 834 bits. Persuade her, and she is going to say to assist with Braxton (The Secret Individuals quest) after which you possibly can discuss. Word you could steal the poster from the bin in her workplace in order for you.

You may head over the Left Discipline Tossball betting and discuss to Nell about it You may lie (55) to her to get her to surrender on the poster, or ask when you may commerce. She is going to reveal that she misplaced a jersey cargo, so she could be keen to half with the poster when you get the jerseys for her.

You may come again to Velma after finishing The Secret Individuals and Persuade (20) to acquire the Signed Tossball Poster and 5200xp.

Return to Grimm on the touchdown pad space and provides him the poster. You’ll obtain 14000xp, 625 Bit Cartridge, Professional Tossball Blocker and Monarch Stellar Industries Popularity.

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