The Outer Worlds Sherman Bradshaw Quest Guide

Sherman Bradshaw Quest Information

He’s an murderer employed to kill Rachel Lockwood.

Sherman Bradshaw Location
He may be discovered on the Bureau of Exploration at Byzantium

Sherman Bradshaw Associated Quests
The Demolished Lady

The Demolished Lady Walkthrough

Provide to persuade Sophia Akande on Byzantium that she will be able to belief you to just accept this quest. You may converse with Sherman Bradshaw on the Bureau of Exploration and Persuade (40) him into letting you into the workplace for only a second. Or you may Pickpocket the important thing from him. He’ll let you know that she’s doubtless at Billingsly’s.

When you Lockpick the door on this space and uncover the lifeless physique of the receptionist after which confront Bradshaw, he’ll admit he’s an murderer employed to kill Lockwood. You may then inform him the place she is situated if you need, and he’ll supply to assist kill her.

You may pay Mr. Billingsly in Prosperity Plaza of Byzantium for her location, although it’s not low cost.

Rachel Lockwood is situated within the Upkeep Tunnels beneath Prosperity Plaza. Discovering her there’ll internet you 24,000 XP. Talking to her you’ll study that she was requested to erase Edgewater from some maps of Emerald Vale. When you informed Bradshaw the place she was then he’ll seem and you’ll converse about how and when to kill her. When you let him kill her, you’ll achieve 24,000 XP

When you resolve to not kill her you’ll achieve 24,000 XP and she or he provides you with the important thing to her workplace the place the paperwork Sophia needs are situated.

When you resolve to kill her you’ll achieve 24,000 XP and she or he can have the important thing to her workplace and a pair of,000 Bit Cartridges on her corpse.

Use the important thing to get into her workplace up the elevator within the Bureau of Exploration. You should utilize the terminal to get some perception into what has transpired. The papers you want are on the desk there. Seize them and return to Sophia.

Return to Sophia to realize XP and 1,125 Bit Cartridges. When you didn’t kill Lockwood she can be displeased with you and provide you with barely much less Bit Cartridges. Both method you’ll start the search Lengthy Distance.

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