The Outer Worlds Udom Bedford Quest Guide

Udom Bedford Quest Information

Udom Bedford Location
He will be discovered on the Groundbreaker Promenade

Udom Bedford Associated Quests

  1. Passage to Anyplace
  2. Worst Contact
  3. Stability Due

1. Passage to Anyplace Walkthrough

This quest begins mechanically after you end Stranger in a Unusual Land. Choosing up the Holographic Shroud within the captain’s quarters in your Ship, the Unreliable, will web you 18600 XP. Should you learn the logs within the pc there subsequent to it you’ll achieve the search Weapon From The Void.

Journey to the Groundbreaker and strategy the Customs officer, CPL. Leonard Wheeler. He’ll inform you that your ship is impounded and say you’ll have to take it up with Udom Bedford. Leonard may provide the quest Resolution Vial, and a few info relating to the Groundbreaker’s standing on the system and its relationship with The Board. He can even provide you with instructions on the place to go to acquire additional quests inside the ship.

This space has a number of quests that may be accomplished so look out for companion quests “The Empty Man” and “Consuming Sapphire Whine” when you progress. There are additionally facet quests and bounties to get from NPCs so discuss to everybody you discover.

Go to the principle space of the ship and take a left, you’ll come to the Relaxation-n-Go and might meet with Gladys. Ask her for a Navkey to go to Stellar Bay (16800xp) and she is going to say she has just one key and it is going to be costly. You possibly can pay 10,000 bits, or ask concerning the “alternative” she affords. She’s going to ask you to look right into a misery name that got here in from an outpost known as Roseway, which Auntie Cleo deserted years in the past. She thinks there could be a secret price promoting. Settle for and also you’ll obtained the search The Misery Sign. You possibly can ask her about different work and affairs and she is going to then provide you with Purpleberry Bunch earlier than you permit.

Go towards the Groundbreaker Promenade and you may discuss to Udom Bedford. Fake that Alex appreciated him if you need to maintain it good, and he’ll elevate your impounding. You get 16000 xp to your efforts. He then asks you if you understand the place Phineas Welles is, as Alex was apparently going to show him in. Say he by no means talked about Welles and the dialog will transfer on. That is additionally your alternative to speak about Jessie Doyle for Worst Contact – so make use of it.

Full The Misery Sign investigation and produce again all of the analysis, or buy the Stellar Bay Navkey for 10,000 bits. You’ll achieve Groundbreaker Fame and the search will replace asking to speak to Phillas Welles. Earlier than you do that, you would possibly wish to head to Lilya Hagen at SubLight Salvage to start the search Salvager within the Sky.

It is best to then go to the Unreliable and have ADA contact Welles. He’ll inform you why Monarch is the subsequent vacation spot. You’re going to get 33,000xp and the subsequent quest: Radio Free Monarch

Alternatively, in case you head straight to Monarch and land at Cascadia, you may battle your strategy to Stellar Bay to finish this Quest, saving you the price of the Nav key. Be warned although, there are a lot of harmful enemies from 12-18 degree.

2. Worst Contact Walkthrough

One can find Ellie on the Medical Bay of the Groundbreaker, on the fifth ground’s second important door to the left of the doorway courtyard. That is additionally the placement you entry for the Resolution Important quest.

Ellie will ask you to verify in on Jessie contained in the quarantine space. In case you have the Holographic Shroud and a cartridge for it, you may simply go in and also you’ll mechanically disguise. Stroll to the tip of the corridor and discuss to the intercomm to satisfy Jessie Doyle. Should you don’t have the shroud, there’s a secret entrance to the medical space behind Gladys’ compartment – you’ll should crouch round a squatter’s spot.

Ellie’s story sounds far-fetched, and you may intimidate (20) to get her to open the door. She shouldn’t be sick, she simply owes some huge cash to the board. She’s thief by career, and the Blood Tear diamond (final seen aboard the Hope) has surfaced. She needed to steal it and acquired Udom Bedford to finance 50% of the heist. Issues didn’t go easily, nonetheless, and he or she’s now deeply in debt to him. She asks that you simply discuss to Udom. Settle for to do that for 9600xp.

You possibly can discuss to Udom Bedford at his workplace close to the Groundbreaker Promenade. He’ll say Ms. Doyle owes The Board a big sum, and that the one collateral out there are her organs so “obligatory donation” is authorized on this case. You possibly can supply to pay the advantageous or cross a Persuade (20) verify to persuade him to as an alternative indenture her. 9600xp, The Board Fame is gained by persuading. Paying the advantageous offers you the choice to bribe for a various quantity of bits relying in your Fame, or argue concerning the line merchandise “emotional anguish”. Additionally, you will acquire 9600xp and The Board status.

Return to the Med Bay and Jessie and Ellie might be speaking. Jessiewill provide you with 1000 Bit Cartridge to mitigate the price of the debt paid. Discuss to Ellie and also you’ll achieve 19,2000 and 9600 xp, and Groundbreaker status. Ellie can even supply to affix your occasion. Settle for and he or she might be discovered on the Unreliable in case your occasion is already full.

3. Stability Due Walkthrough

This Quest is obtained by telling Udom Bedford that you understand the placement of Phineas Welles, and providing to assist return his Board Seal from Gladys. You’ll want to purchase or steal the Official Seal of Halcyon from Gladys protected on the Groundbreaker. Should you can choose the protected lock in 1 second (round 55 lock choose ability), you may constantly steal it with out status loss. Making an attempt to stealing it with much less ability could require you to Intimidate or Deceive the guards and achieve a slight quantity of unfavorable Fame with Groundbreaker as an alternative of spending 8000+ Bit Cartridges.

Return the Seal to Udom to finish this quest and obtain 70,000 XP, The Board Fame up, Byzantium Journey Authorization Papers, Byzantium Navkey and to start the search The Puppet Masters.

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