Chess Situation

Child endings:

All endings are proven within the first video.
Decide up donuts and throw them on the bully
Don’t decide up donuts, go and ineract with the bully to dam the donuts
Use your telephone to file the battle

Man endings:

Two of the endings are proven within the second video.
After looping by way of the rooms, flip round and undergo the exit.
Maintain looping by way of the rooms, you have to to 4 instances.
Sooner or later within the trash room, the “assist” paper is not going to crumble. Attempt to decide it up final after which undergo the door whereas holding it. Proceed to undergo the exit after leaving the room.

Previous Man endings:
Select to speak to your son on the finish of the expertise
Depart by way of the doorways on the left earlier than speaking to your son

Champion Situation

Child Endings

Observe the instructions on the chart above the chemical mixer desk to acquire ‘G’
Go round to the opposite children’ initiatives and break them with the right opposing chemical. The chart to the left of the large chart will let you know what to mix. The tables are labeled with ‘D’, ‘E’, and ‘F’

Man Endings

Observe the instructions on the pc display. I’m undecided if/when it’d reset the win situation, however I obtained the ending by getting all of them proper for a couple of minutes
Go round to the opposite employees’ stations and hack their computer systems

Previous Man Endings

Observe the instructions of every activity and full them with out assist
Hand over on every activity in numerous methods (ask son for assist, use elevate, order pizza)

Scepter Situation

Child Endings

Make the entire right selections within the park (that part will nonetheless be colourful if it was right)
Make the entire incorrect selections (stone beehive and geese, burn ants, break leaf branches)
Make another mixture of right and incorrect selections

Man Endings

Select life
Select life in jail
Select dying

Previous Man Endings

Press the on button
Press the off button

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