The Witcher 3: Hard Times Walkthrough

Arduous Occasions Walkthrough

On the highway, round midway between the ‘Miner’s Camp’ (south of this) and ‘Blandare’ (north of this) quick journey markers.

While travelling the highway south of the ‘Miner’s Camp’ quick journey marker and heading in direction of the city of Blandare, you’ll come throughout a stage 21 Cyclops by a rolled over wagon on the aspect of the highway. Kill the Cyclops and strategy the wagon to start the side-quest.

As you attain the wagon, a big search space will seem on the mini-map. Time to research! Stick on Geralt’s Witcher Senses. Doing so will allow you to examine the next factors of curiosity:

  • Pool of blood by the useless horse by the wagon.
  • Pool of blood by the human corpse by the wagon.
  • Footprints on the far aspect of the highway, reverse the wagon.
  • Blood on the rocks simply in entrance of the footprints.
  • Bulleted listing merchandise

After analyzing the footprints and the blood by them, the search space will shift off highway and away from the wagon. With Witcher Sense on, comply with the path of generally blood, generally footprints to the east.

After a brief stroll, you’ll come throughout a bunch of 5 Nekkers. Kill the lot of them earlier than re-activating Witcher Senses and finding the corpse in the midst of the clearing that that they had most likely been snacking on.

Loot the physique for One in every of them might be holding Letter to Yanne. Learn the Letter to Yanne merchandise within the Key Objects part of the stock. This may replace your targets.

With the Letter to Yanne in hand, make your method again to Kaer Trolde and current the letter to the Blacksmith within the Kaer Trolde preserve. Observe that the Blacksmith will should be working away on the anvil right here to ensure that you to have the ability to communicate with him. If he’s sitting in a chair close by, meditate an hour or two till he’s again on the anvil earlier than talking with him.

Observe: For finishing the side-quest, you’ll earn 50XP and 20 Crowns.

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