Thea 2: The Shattering – The Gods

Since you possibly can’t see what the gods provide you with till you’ve gotten unlocked them I assumed I might create a information so individuals may simply see what gods would possibly match their play model earlier than being investead in a profile (because you get a distinct pair of gods for every profile) if individuals uncover the unlock requirement for a god and its not included please inform me so I can replace the information.

The Gods


Animal Senses: Every character will get +1 Gathering
Domains: Nature, Concord, 3 Impartial
Unlock: Unknowen


Nocternal Predator: Your characters are stronger throughout night time turns, however weaker throughout day turns
Domains: Nature, Magic, 3 Impartial
Unlock: Unknowen


Brilliant Thoughts: Every character will get +4 Psychological Shielding
Domains: Mind, Concord, 3 Impartial
Unlock: Unknowen


Unshaken Religion: Every character will get +4 Religious Shielding
Domains: Magic, Mind, 3 Impartial
Unlock: Unknowen


Struggle Cry: Every Character will get +1 Wits
Domains: Magic, Turmoil, 3 Impartial
Unlock: Unknowen


Beneficial Winds: +2 Motion Factors when touring on water
Domains: Gentle, Concord, 3 Impartial
Unlock: Unknowen


Many Hammers, One Anvil: Every character will get +1 Gathering
Domains: Gentle, Turmoil, 3 Impartial
Unlock: Unknowen

Area Playing cards

You begin with 1 youngster, 1 warrior, just a few sources; after which add god playing cards.
You get to decide on your chosen one from any character in your social gathering and choose gender.
Theadore’s then offers you some meals and gasoline and the divine seed.


  • Grann’y Pantry: Start with a pack of meals (free)
  • Fundamental Tools: Begin with one peice of primary gear (free)
  • 20x Fundamental Provides: you begin with 20 primary provides – meals, gasoline, or herbs (3)
  • 3x Fundamental Tools: Begin with three peice of primary gear (3)
  • Fundamental Jewelry: Begin with one primary piece of jewelry (3)
  • Fundamental Protect: Begin with a primary protect (3)
  • Fundamental Gown: Begin with a primary gown (3)


  • Add Character – Hunter: Provides a Hunter (free)
  • Add Character – Chlidren: provides 2 youngsters (free)
  • Mithral Gaot: You begin with a goat carrying sacks stuffed with mithral (min 30) (3)
  • 4 legged Good friend: Being with a 4 legged Good friend (3)

To be carried out

  • Add all god playing cards
  • Add the two lacking gods
  • Discover the unlock mechaincs
  • Attempt to give better detial to results of gods and playing cards

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