Tide Pools Guide (Enemies, Traps, Mounts)

World 4a: Tide Swimming pools

This world 4 is accessible by means of the door in 3-1 closest to the highest. The door shall be distinguishable by crabs being round it. Tide Swimming pools is a beautiful world with many pits of water. Doorways block your approach which have levers you have to to drag to open. You possibly can nonetheless use bombs if a lever is in a harmful spot. The levers may be triggered once more (and by an enemy as nicely!), so be cautious that you simply don’t let the doorways crush you.

The Star Problem:

Someplace in 4a and 4b the mysterious Tun seems for one more problem, this time costing $25,000. This time your aim is to gentle all of the torches within the room in a short while, a tough process in case you lack the jetpack. Efficiently finishing this problem in Tide Swimming pools rewards you a Clone Gun which might copy three gadgets/pets/mounts, and so forth.

4a-1/4a-2/4a-3: Madame Tusk’s Cube Sport

As an alternative of a store there shall be a cube sport on this stage. Cube video games also can spawn on different phases, however this one is particular in that it at all times spawns, but in addition that Madame Tusk, an enormous Walrus(?) shall be in it. Every roll of the cube is $5000 gold, and you may play as many instances as you need. Rolling 2-6 is a loss, and also you lose your cash. Rolling 8-12 in a win, and also you recieve $10,000. Rolling a 7 will get you the merchandise behind the beam. I’ve not been capable of do it, however apparently rolling a 7 seven instances causes Madame Tusk to suppose you’re a “high-roller”, getting you an invitation to Madame Tusk’s Palace of Pleasure in 6-3. Should you haven’t carried out this, the bouncer will inform you that you simply aren’t on the checklist and you’ll set off enemies upon getting in.

4a-2/4a-3: Excalibur and Entrance to Abzu

A sword encased in stone is on the backside of 4-2. Should you went to Vlad’s Fortress and retrieved the crown, it is possible for you to to drag the sword from the stone. It kills most something in a single hit. When you’ve got the Ankh, yow will discover a small entry to the underside of 4a-3 below a pit of lava, and retrieve a Golden Idol that units off a lava entice just like Volcana. Kill your self within the lava geared up with the Ankh and Excalibur to disclose a door to Abzu.

Secret 4a-4: Abzu

Kingu: Boss in Abzu, that’s killed with injury to the again. Defeating Kingu rewards a Pill of Future, usable later.


  • Jiangshi: An undead sporting purple who hops in the direction of you at varied lengths and heights.
  • Jiangshi Murderer: Distinguishable from the conventional Jiangshi as a result of its sporting a washed out blue. This enemy hops very similar to the jiangshi, however also can stand on the ceiling.
  • Flying Fish: They spawn within the swimming pools however rise out and assault you in an L form.
  • Octopy: Shoots you with ink then expenses you in case you get in entrance of it. The ink will black out a lot of your imaginative and prescient for a short while, so watch out. Should you assault from above, it hops straight up in an try to stab you with its barnacles. The spike boots nonetheless kill it, however leaping on it with out the boots hurts you.
  • Hermit Crab: Makes use of treasure chests and crates as a shell, solely popping out to shoot poison bubbles. The crates and chests usually are not simply decoys, although, they nonetheless have cash and gadgets you will get after defeating the wearer.
  • Pangxie: Huge lobster-like creature that extends its pincer in entrance of him, and shoots toxic bubbles to foes above. The Pangxie has a ton of well being, so be cautious.
  • Nice Humphead: In 4a-2, within the water under the extent, swims a gargantuan fish. Defeating him will get you a gift, a employed assist, and a digital camera.


  • Lion Entice: Very like the Bear Entice, however does extra injury.
  • Large Clam: Within the water there are generally large clams with gadgets in them. Swipe the merchandise and stick round too lengthy and it’ll shut on you.
  • Sliding Wall: Activate a lever, normally close by, to open and shut these path-blocking partitions.
  • Snap Entice: haha!


The Tide Swimming pools introduces a brand new mount-type, the Axolotl. It’s a pink, silly-looking animal that shoots bubbles. Should you get in entrance of a wild Axolotl, it’ll shoot you with a bubble till it pops on a wall or ceiling. You possibly can affect the place the bubble goes if you find yourself in it, however many instances in case you aren’t cautious you get caught in an endless loop the place the Axolotl bubbles you again and again, and you may’t break away. Lengthy story quick, very similar to the Rock Canine, don’t step in entrance, bounce onto. After it’s tame, the Axolotl gives you with a double bounce, the bubble assault (in case you maintain capturing bubbles, it pushes enemies in bubbles away), and on third press of the bounce button, a teleport. As with every teleporting, you’ll be able to kill your self in case you teleport right into a wall, so use very rigorously.

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