Total War Three Kingdoms: Cavalry Guide

Cavalry Information

Cavalry models transfer quickly, which implies they’ll outmanoeuvre infantry and select the place to interact. This makes them versatile and grants them a spread of makes use of on the battlefield.

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Their pace and mass mix to deal main impression harm after they cost, mirrored by their excessive melee cost bonus score. If cavalry are locked in static melee with an enemy unit, it’s helpful to drag them out of fight, set them as much as cost once more and deal extra impression harm. This is named cycle charging.

Cavalry make a superb counter to archers, as they’ll manoeuvre across the enemy military to achieve them, and are helpful for operating down or chasing routing troops from the sector, as routing troops is not going to recuperate morale whereas repeatedly engaged.

Polearm infantry, with their braced and cost reflection VS mounted skills, ought to by no means be charged face-on by cavalry. They’re finest pinned by swordsmen or spearmen, with cavalry performing flank or rear costs, the place they can not convey their polearms to bear.

Shock Cavalry

  • Shock cavalry wield lances, and trigger great impression harm. They’re due to this fact finest used when charging, and are the most effective kind of cavalry to make use of in opposition to different cavalry. When their cost bonus has light, they don’t deal as a lot harm over time as melee cavalry, and ought to be pulled out and cycle-charged to take care of optimum harm output.

Ranged Cavalry

  • Ranged cavalry carry bows, granting them the ranged harm of archers mixed with the pace and manoeuvrability of cavalry. As a consequence of their cavalry pace and mass, they’ll nonetheless trigger impression harm when charging, although are much less efficient at this than shock or melee cavalry.

Melee Cavalry

  • Melee cavalry are armed with swords and shields, so are higher in a position to climate arrow-fire, and deal higher harm over time when locked in melee than shock or ranged cavalry.

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