Total War Three Kingdoms: Commandery Guide

Commandery Information

Commanderies are the numerous territories of historic China, linked in an enormous patchwork that make up the THREE KINGDOMS marketing campaign map. They’re delineated by boundary strains that are color coded in keeping with your diplomatic relationship with the proudly owning faction. White strains point out the boundaries of impartial territory; blue strains point out the boundaries of pleasant or allied territory; pink strains point out the boundaries of a faction you’re at conflict with.

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Commanderies comprise settlements which generate tax earnings, sources, and lots of different advantages for the proprietor, based mostly on which buildings have been constructed there. Every commandery consists of a commandery capital and a number of connected counties. Possession of the capital defines possession of the commandery, although connected counties could also be captured and occupied by different factions.

At increased faction ranks, you may elevate or decrease your faction’s tax degree utilizing the tax slider within the treasury panel.

Commandery capital

Capitals are the center of your faction’s infrastructure, the place the place you’ll assemble the numerous buildings that enhance your financial system, generate earnings, and convey advantages to your populace and armed forces.


A commandery is split into a number of counties. The commandery capital constitutes a county in its personal proper, alongside some other counties inside the commandery. Such counties home smaller resource-generating settlements, similar to a farms, mines and temples. Deciding on any settlement opens the commandery panel, which shows all of the commandery’s numerous counties, and who owns them.


As commaderies develop and develop, corruption rises, successfully lowering the tax earnings out of your commanderies. Different earnings sources, similar to commerce or diplomacy, aren’t affected by corruption.

You’ll be able to fight corruption by using directors, assigments, establishing sure buildings and researching sure reforms.

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