Total War Three Kingdoms: Garrison Guide

Garrison Information

Every settlement maintains a garrison drive within the occasion that an enemy military assaults. The composition of a garrison – which models it incorporates and what number of – is outlined by the buildings within the settlement and the presence of an administrator. You may view a garrison by choosing a commandery or county and clicking the inexperienced garrison image to the left of the related constructing slot.

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The commandery town-centre constructing offers a single retinue (six models) to the garrison drive. One other retinue could also be added by constructing a garrison navy (purple) constructing. A 3rd retinue will probably be added if an administrator is assigned to the commandery, although his retinue won’t contribute to the garrison if the administrator has been recruited to a military (his retinue will seem within the military as a substitute).

If a settlement is attacked by an enemy military, the garrison will seem within the ensuing battle (or counted in the direction of the settlement’s defence if the battle is delegated) as a military beneath the defender’s management. If a military can be stationed within the settlement, the military and the garrison will struggle collectively.

A garrison is certain to its settlement and can’t be ordered to go away. Nevertheless, if a battle happens involving a pleasant military inside the settlement’s zone of management, the garrison will sally out and be a part of the pleasant military at some point of that battle.

Garrison forces which develop into broken in battle and replenish similar to some other military. Particular person garrison models that are destroyed in battle will probably be re-recruited mechanically over time.

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