Total War Three Kingdoms: Guide to Maximize Generals

Complete Struggle: THREE KINGDOMS is the primary within the award-winning sequence to recreate epic battle throughout historical China. Combining a gripping turn-based marketing campaign of empire-building & conquest with beautiful real-time battles, THREE KINGDOMS redefines the sequence in an age of heroes & legends.

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Information to Maximize Generals

Truthfully I don’t like the standard mass fight, I simply wish to win battles with generals alone if I can, as a result of that minimizes my casualties. And it is a information on tips on how to optimize your play for that objective.

Stats and Gear

The official assist and guides are literally fairly deceptive when it comes to what kind of generals are higher at what. They are saying that pink is one of the best at taking out troops and inexperienced is greatest at taking out enemy generals and many others, that’s truly fairly inaccurate.

To start with, we don’t actually care about dueling energy as a result of it’s usually the complete level of initiating duels to cease what we try to attain right here. We don’t wish to get caught with a single normal, we wish to go in there and kill all people.

Now let’s take a look at the stats:

Purple: Improve melee evade
Inexperienced: Improve HP
Crimson: Improve melee injury
Blue: Improve ammo for ranged models
Yellow: Improve morale

For our functions, morale is the least essential and sometimes ineffective. In the event you acquired to the purpose the place you’re relying in your ethical to not run away, you’re doing it improper. Blue is clearly ineffective until you’ve got archers underneath that particular normal, which you’ll or could not want.

The official tutorials may have you consider that pink is one of the best for killing folks nevertheless it’s simply not true, it’s because common models have very low HP in comparison with generals, and having 1k or 2k injury makes no distinction, each will kill them in a single hit.

In actual fact for the aim of killing folks and single handedly successful battles, you need these stats:

  • Assault velocity
  • Horse velocity
  • Horse mass
  • Melee evade
  • Cost bonus
  • HP

I’ve discovered that one of the best normal for slaughtering troops is Zhao Yun, who has very excessive purple and inexperienced stats. Zhang Fei also can generate excessive kill numbers however that’s largely inflated by the kills he will get from chasing down models after the battle has already ended, since he will get an enormous buff to hurry after you win. Zhao Yun since he’s a purple normal, he can equip swords which assault quicker than the weapons utilized by pink and inexperienced generals which can be an enormous benefit for him.

The rationale you need highest purple and inexperienced is as a result of any normal can one shot a bunch of troops so assault doesn’t matter, as a substitute you wish to final for so long as attainable, be extremely tanky so you’ve got extra time to assault your self.

Assault velocity needs to be self-explanatory, since common troops are so weak, the extra you assault, the extra you may kill.

Horse is definitely essential for generals as a result of like some other cavalry, you don’t wish to simply have your normal be in melee and fence with enemy troops, as a substitute you wish to cycle cost your generals as effectively. So horse mass and velocity will assist you to do this higher with out getting caught within the crowd.

Gear distribution
Some tools within the sport scale back a few of your stats, for instance -15 intinct (pink). You wish to give these things to generals which are weak in that stat anyway. For instance Zheng Jiang is definitely so low in purple that she has zero evade anyway, so a weapon with -15 expertise (purple) would simply be excellent for her. Even if you happen to acquired a +15 purple weapon for her, it gained’t increase her evade in any significant method.

Additionally you wish to evenly distribute the stats fairly than maximizing one stat, until that one stat is purple. So for Lu Bu it’s extra essential that his tools give + purple fairly than + pink as a result of his assaults are already so robust he can one shot some yellow generals there isn’t any level getting any extra assault, any soldier his assault touches will all the time be useless anyway.

Additionally like I discussed, blue and yellow are principally ineffective for our generals. If you need a correct military with good archers, deliver a strategist as a substitute of attempting so as to add blue stat to your combating generals.

Unit composition

It’s not a good suggestion to enter battle with simply generals as a result of then your military is technically outmatched and your generals get a morale debuff from the drawback. Additionally not each enemy shall be weak sufficient so that you can beat with simply your generals, until you’ve got Lu Bu + Zhao Yun + Zhang Fei in a single military.

The primary most useful unit to have in your military can be gentle melee cavalry, and their job is kind of easy, chase after routing models till you shatter their ethical. When models first rout their icon will nonetheless be pink, this implies they’ll nonetheless regroup after they run away for some time, you don’t need this to occur so what you do is as soon as a unite routs, you assign a cavalry unit to chase it down whereas your generals consider combating everybody else.

Clearly as talked about above, if you need your troops to actually assist, deliver a great deal of archers as a result of when the enemy models are swarming throughout your generals, they’re extraordinarily vunerable to missile hearth as a result of they’re so bunched collectively, however I feel that’s already going exterior of the scope of what we wish to accomplish right here. Ideally what we wish to zero casualties AND zero troop involvement.

Within the picture you may see I’ve simply acquired a bunch of elite all-purpose polearm guys, they’re simply there to extend my military energy so I can auto-resolve higher. Normally they both guard my archers or simply stand round and watch my generals slaughter everybody.


Don’t dismount your generals and battle melee fight
Whereas generals are robust in this type of melee, they gained’t often be robust sufficient to win the battle just by combating like this, even when in opposition to spear infantry.

As a substitute you wish to take most benefit of two key skills generals have:

  • Generals can by some means kill folks just by operating over them, with out attacking
  • Generals can typically do an explosive cost when charging into infantry

As you may see, each of those need to be carried out whereas mounted, so once more, don’t dismount! And likewise don’t duel folks as a result of that dismounts your normal and you must get again on to the horse which you typically can not do since you are getting swarmed. As well as, like with common cavalry, foot troopers and different cavalry have much less likelihood to assault you if you are using in your horse so that you simply take much less injury general.

This picture principally sums up what you wish to be doing along with your generals the WHOLE TIME. You wish to cost folks, and also you wish to run by way of plenty of enemies whereas doing so. It’s because like I mentioned, you may kill folks just by operating over them, and so they get no likelihood to assault you, and you should use your explosive cost assaults extra usually, and you utilize your cost bonus extra usually, and you may trick enemy archers to pleasant hearth into their very own troops.

It’s higher if the enemy models are shut collectively like this, and be sure you give the assault order onto the enemy unit within the again, as a result of whenever you give assault order, cavalry goes into “cost” mode as they method, doing extra injury to the unit within the entrance. In the event you merely give the transfer order, they transfer slower and do much less injury.

Simply preserve going backwards and forwards by way of a bunch of enemies, for the reason that “cost” mode doesn’t activate till you’re a sure distance away from the goal unit, you need to order assault on models which are shut by like this, so your character is in “cost” mode for the utmost length.

If you must handle your personal troops fairly than micro handle your generals, a great trick to make use of is you simply give an assault order to an enemy normal. What this does is the generals will attempt to preserve using previous one another to commerce blows, and this may do a bunch of run over injury to the encompassing troops with out you having to provide a bunch of assault orders.

Methods to heal

There are not any heal spells for many factions however there are two methods to heal, one is you may simply duel an enemy normal, you are taking their well being low so the twin shall be brief (as a result of you must win inside like 90 seconds to get probably the most therapeutic). You do need to watch out with this nevertheless, since chances are you’ll find yourself dropping extra well being from the duel than the therapeutic bonus. Additionally the AI won’t wish to duel when their generals are about to die.

One other good approach to heal is that if your generals have the oathsworn potential. Mainly if you happen to play as Liu Bei and your military consists of him with Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, you may simply let Liu Bei get caught in, battle and die earlier than the opposite two (as a result of the opposite two have stronger base stats), and the opposite two will get the huge buff of instantly +50% well being and +100% injury. This buff is so robust it’s principally unattainable to free when you set off it. Though typically Zhang Fei has morale points, so that you do have to have troops to maintain up his morale.

It’s finish. I hope “Information to Maximize Generals” information helps you. Be at liberty to contribute the subject. If in case you have additionally feedback or ideas, remark us.

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