Undead Horde: Achievements Guide

Change into a necromancer and lift the lifeless – Undead Horde is a necromantic motion sport with components from RPG, technique and hack’n’slash. Maraud via the lands of the dwelling, raze their villages and steal their treasures. Finally you’ll take over the entire kingdom of the dwelling!

Achievements Information

Think about that information as Spoiler trigger i provide the direct answer.

Rule Alwyn
Get rid of enemies and destroy buildings on all Alwyn territory’s maps.

Rule Catacombs
Get rid of enemies and destroy buildings on all Catacombs territory’s maps.

Rule Burning Rock
Get rid of enemies and destroy buildings on all Burning Rock territory’s maps.

Rule Wastelands
Get rid of enemies and destroy buildings on all Wastelands territory’s maps.

Rule Citadel
Get rid of enemies and destroy buildings on all Citadel territory’s maps.

A New Period
End the sport then use the Urn to launch the second Period.

Activate all statues of SIMPLE models in your crypt.
If you wish to conquer all the pieces, you’re going to get it simply.

Summon a hero unit in your crypt. You’ll need to do the search to unlock Dazbog first. This quest is within the catacombs. As soon as out there, summon John, which is the hero unit that prices the least.

Kinahmo Fried Hen
When you restored the portals you’ll attain Alwyn’s Forest. Observe the principle highway and kill all hen teams you’ll discover. Don’t contact the rest then open your menu and do “Respawn” to reinitialize the map and get extra hen teams to kill once more. Use your Hearth Ball employees to kill them simply.

Kill enemies, destroy buildings, you’ll get it simply.

Summon 50 zombie hen in your crypt and there you go.

A Thousand Corpse
Reanimate 1000 corpses. Reanimate doesn’t imply summon. You’ll have to make use of the corpses you discover on the map or the enemy our bodies to do this one.

The Lidless Eye Socket
Enter not less than 1 time on every maps. The Benevictor’s Dungeon rely as properly.

The Final one. Conquer ALL maps.

If you happen to discover all maps and speak to all skeletons in cages, you’ll get all quests simply.
Then you definitely simply have to finish all of them.

The toughest of all achievements. However right here is how one can put together to hunt them. On out of doors maps there’s ONLY 1 secret. It’s a hidden buried chest so open your eyes. Within the Treant Forest although the chest isn’t buried however hidden alongside the river on the appropriate simply close to the doorway of the map. On indoor maps it’s the place it will get more durable : you actually need to open your eyes to see the chests/levers hidden behind pillars or statues or rubbles or within the nook of a hall. And don’t neglect to examine partitions and winged statues which may have a button that open a approach to a secret.

Scrooge McDead
Appears onerous and tiring however by no means. Destroy all the pieces you discover and promote all of the gadgets you don’t want and also you’ll get it simply.

Loss of life Vendor
Promote 20 skulls. Shopping for one to promote it counts too.

Summon not less than 20 chickens. As a result of while you’ll discover/purchase a hoop of Plague you’ll be fairly far within the sport already. Then discover a group of ennemies or a cyclop and activate the ring whereas launching the chickens. Simpler to do it on the Citadel. You too can use a hoop of Safety to keep away from having your chickens getting annihilated.

Secret hidden within the Previous Citadel Dungeon of the First Period.

Grim Reaper
Simpler to assume than to do as a result of the scythe is gradual and doesn’t do a lot harm. However as soon as you’re on the citadel, will probably be simpler as a result of you will see that some weak enemies seen firstly of the sport. Make lures when you take the final breath of three peasants directly.

Go to Hillsburud. Attain the north-east of the map and also you’ll discover a cemetery with 2 vary of three*4 tombs. Stand in the midst of these ranges and you must have the ability to increase 16 skeletons directly.

Undead Coach
Do you bear in mind the chickens ? Only one unit and the ring of Safety and there you go.
There’s a lot methods of doing that one.

Purchase a Chickenizing Employees if you happen to can’t discover one. Watch out although trigger this spell relies upon of two situations : the goal’s HP AND if it’s a dwelling being.

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