Unlock The Hunger Exotic Sword In Dauntless

Earn life steal, bonus assault velocity and aetheric waves

Be taught to craft receipts of Dauntless Unique weapon The Starvation Sword, and discover tips about easy methods to unlock the wonderful weapon. The weapon options life steal and boosts assault velocity by consuming your well being whereas activated. The Starvation additionally options the power to create aetheric waves with each assault to trigger extra injury. Being an Umbral Factor unique weapon it’s best once more Radian Behemoths. On this Dauntless unique information, you’ll be taught who to unlock blueprint of The Starvation and its crafting recipe.

How To Unlock The Starvation

There are two methods to unlock the blueprint of The Starvation, first full Heroic Patrols or kill a Shrowd Behemoth. The Shrowd Behemoth is a Risk Stage 17 enemy, it’s a powerful one to take down and there are possibilities that you simply may earn a Blueprint by killing it. However just a few gamers have reported of nothing getting the blueprint by killing the monster. Shrowd Behemoth is an Umbral ingredient monster, a weapon with Radiant Factor are greatest in opposition to it. After getting the Starvation blueprint you’ll unlock the crafting recipes to craft The Starvation unique sword.

The Starvation Unique Sword Crafting Recipe

  • 150 Rams
  • 3 Shrowd Feather
  • 4 Twisted Shadowspur
  • 6 Elemental Furyplate
  • 3 Elemental Tailgem

Shrowd Feather and Twisted Shadowspur are discovered by breaking the components of Shrowd through the battle. The final two components Furyplate and Tailgem could be discovered from Elemental Behemoth, a Risk Stage 8+ monster, assault the limbs and tails.

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