Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Chapter 1 & Chapter 2 Puzzles & Solutions

Digital Villagers Origins 2 is without doubt one of the hottest simulation factors and click on video games involving fascinating puzzles. On this information, we are going to share every and every part similar to puzzles, ideas and methods, requirement and recipe that you will want in Digital Villagers Origins 2.

Digital Villagers Origins 2 Puzzles – Chapter 1

Puzzle 1 – Fireplace

  • To gather the logs  & get the coconut husk
  • Drop a villager onto the hearth
  • Drag a Villager to the Loveshack
  • After getting it repaired, go to Puzzles and acquire your reward: 3 Lavastones

Puzzle 2 – Repair the Dock

Resolution: You’ll have to get 3 items of wooden (throughout the island) and repair the dock (south) with them

Puzzle 3 – Crafting the Hut

  • After discovering the crafting hut (west)
  • Drag a villager to the whale bones (east of the crafting hut)
  • Now, take the bones to the analysis space
  • In an effort to get a pickaxe, drag different villagers to the workbench
  • Take away the roots of the tree
  • Rebuild the crafting hut with extra villagers

Puzzle 4 – Launch the Kraken

Necessities: It’s obligatory the Puzzle 1 is accomplished, development expertise stage 1 and in addition crafting expertise stage 1.

  • Drag a villager to the crafting hut and in addition choose oil and hearth
  • Discover the two eyes: 1st – decrease proper nook of the island, amongst the reeds (left of the tree), and 2nd – to the best of the place lava connects with lab, however you want water (from the crafting hut) to chill it down.
  • Drag a villager to the Kraken statue
  • Push each rocks on the similar time with villagers to make them fall

Puzzle 5 – Worship

Necessities: Puzzle 4 Ought to be accomplished

Resolution: With the assistance of Villagers with constructing and analysis ability to rebuild the pedestals. After repairing 4 pedestals and with worshiping villagers, it is possible for you to to finish this puzzle.

Tip: It’s also possible to use nursing villagers to worship

Puzzle 6 – The Backyard

Necessities: Grasp Farmer, Farming expertise stage 2 and in addition crafting expertise stage 1

Resolution: Take the apple seed (beneath the lifeless tree subsequent to the crafting hut, on the bottom), and put it within the backyard and drain water

Puzzle 7 – Rhubarb Pie

Necessities: Accomplished Puzzle 6, Grasp Farmer, Farming expertise stage 2 and in addition crafting expertise stage 2

Resolution: Take 3 seeds (seed bag close to the water bucket, beside the analysis desk) > Use 3 fertilizers (crafting hut) on the backyard > Harvest Rhubarb > Make a Pie with dough and rhubarb (desk) > Bake the pie within the oven (carry a villager to the rocks close to the coconut tree) > Eat some slices till you full the puzzle

Puzzle 8 – Clay Hut

Necessities: Grasp Builder, Grasp Gardener, Building expertise stage 3 and in addition crafting expertise stage 3

Resolution: Take 12 clay bricks (separately) to the muse of the clay hut

Puzzle 9 – Antidote

Necessities: Full puzzle 4 and in addition crafting expertise stage 1


  • Two adults and a toddler have to retrieve a nest (mouth of the kraken)
  • Whereas raining: carry the eggs from crafting hut to nest
  • Then look ahead to them to hatch
  • Make antidote: Poison (nest of snakes) + magic
  • Carry the antidote to the pond

Puzzle 10 – The Water Wheel

Necessities: Grasp Builder


  • Place a Villager within the pile of wooden (north a part of the river)
  • Craft 2 center-pieces (steel + forge nucket + anvil)
  • Connect the center-pieces to the water wheel
  • Carry a villager to the water wheel to finish it

Puzzle 11 – Fixing the Statue

Necessities:Blue Statue Resolution: 

  • Get Blue Diamond: Pour water on hearth
  • Get Ruby: Bounce Potion (close to mausoleum)
  • Construct the inexperienced statue beside boulder (requires a chief to attract plans)
  • Craft Blue Glass

Yellow Statue Resolution:

  • Get 3 necklace items (day by day quest)
  • Carry gold to the anvil
  • Improve development expertise and draw plans
  • Craft yellow glass

Crimson Statue Resolution:

  • Make some soup
  • Construct clothes hut, after tech improve crate of braid will seem, then flower will pollinate, carry them to tree
  • Repair slippery rock with a crab (catch it with 1 grownup & 1 baby)
  • craft purple glass

Puzzle 12 – Destroying the Kraken

Necessities: Full Puzzle 11

Resolution: You should carry the yellow, blue and in addition the purple glass to every statue

Digital Villagers Origins 2 Puzzles – Chapter 2

Digital Villagers Origins 2 Puzzles & Options – Puzzle 1 – Residence Hut


  • Get 4 water buckets
  • Use Grasp builders to douse the huts (volcanic eruption)
  • Use grasp builders to restore the huts
  • Construct a residence hut (southeast of the place Kraken was)

Digital Villagers Origins 2 Puzzles & Options – Puzzle 2 – City Heart Mural


  • Grasp Builders to the rubble (ruins of the kraken statue)
  • Repeat it 5 occasions
  • Grasp researcher draw plans
  • Grasp Builder to the massive boulder (mural)
  • Craft purple, blue and in addition purple paints
  • Grasp builder to the Crafting hut to color

Recipes: Blue paint (blueberry + paste), Inexperienced Paint (Moss + Paste), Crimson Paint (Rose + Paste), Paste (Oil + Mud)

Digital Villagers Origins 2 Puzzles & Options – Puzzle 3 – Scarecrows


  • Carry fertilizer to the inexperienced pumpkin and wait 2 hours
  • Make a Scythe from a whale bone (Grasp Builder)
  • Lower yellow grass with the scythe (grasp farmer)
  • Accumulate a number of branches from the lifeless Tree (beside the crafting hut)
  • Tie the scarecrow toguether with 2 ropes
  • Carry a toddler to the fertilized pumpkin
  • Place the carved pumpkin on the scarecrows physique (grasp builder)

Recipes: Ropes (Vine + Vine), Combined Herbs (Grass + Wheat Grass), Fertilizer (Combined Herbs + Earth)

Digital Villagers Origins 2 Puzzles & Options – Puzzle 4 – Demolition


  • Go to the place the Kraken was
  • Create a gap with a toddler by the tree with the chief coat (far left)
  • Do the identical by the steps that result in the backyard (far proper)
  • Identical on the Open jungle (Far north)
  • Make Crate increase sticks (crafting hub)
    Place 1 crate increase stick in every gap

Recipes: Increase stick (Increase powder + bamboo), Increase powder (Fantastic Powder + sulfur), Fantastic Powder (charcoal + salt peter)

Digital Villagers Origins 2 Puzzles & Options – Puzzle 5 – Undesirable Visitor

Resolution: Feed the bear with a fish pie: Drag a villager into the water (southern shore) and catch an enormous bass). Make dough & Get the oven prepared (Grasp Farmer) > give it to the bear fastidiously.

Recipes: Stone (Lava + Water), Flour (Wheat + Stone), Dough (Flour + Water)

Digital Villagers Origins 2 Puzzles & Options – Puzzle 6 – Flower Backyard


  • Place a villager on the rubble (the place the kraken was) to make 4 flower planting spots.
  • Make clay pot and planting soil.
  • Place every merchandise (4 of every) into the backyard with a grasp farmer. Plant all of them but additionally fertilize and water each 5 occasions

Recipes: Fertilizer (Combined herb + Earth x4), Planting Soil (Crimson Earth + Moss x 4)

Digital Villagers Origins 2 Puzzles & Options – Puzzle 7 – Therapeutic Hut


Digital Villagers Origins 2 Puzzles & Options – Puzzle 8 – Faculty


  • Requires analysis lvl 4
  • Create the constructing plans with a grasp scientist. Construct it with builders
  • as soon as constructed drop there a grasp scientist

Digital Villagers Origins 2 Puzzles & Options – Puzzle 9 – Observatory


Digital Villagers Origins 2 Puzzles & Options – Puzzle 10 – Reservoir


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