Witcher 3 A Costly Mistake Walkthrough

A Expensive Mistake Walkthrough

Begin Location: On the tip of the small peninsula straight west of the ‘Hangman’s Alley’ quick journey marker to the west of Blackbough.

If you attain the placement, you’ll discover it guarded by a pair of Drowners. Kill each of them earlier than utilizing Geralt’s Witcher Sense to discover a useless physique propped up on a rock within the sand by the water’s edge. Loot the guy’s physique right here for a Smuggler’s Notes – this can activate the side-quest ‘A Expensive Mistake’.

Learn the Smuggler’s Notes within the Key Objects part of the stock. This may replace the aims.

Enter the water and swim out to the search space within the distance. Fortuitously, this pertains to the closest wrecked boat to our place. Dive underwater and use your crossbow to dispatch any Drowners swimming round in shut proximity to the goal shipwreck.

If you end up clear, dive all the way down to the seabed on the rear of the shipwreck and use Witcher Sense to find the goal chest. Loot this for a horny new Metal Sword – Maugrim, some money and another goodies.

This may also finish the side-quest.

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