Witcher 3 A Plea Ignored Walkthrough

A Plea Ignored Walkthrough

Begin Location: On the tip of the small peninsula southwest of the ‘Condyle’ and ‘Duen Hen’ quick journey markers in southwestern Velen.

Whenever you attain the placement, you’ll discover it guarded by a stage 20 Grave Hag. Kill the monster and loot it (for a Mutagen) earlier than utilizing Geralt’s Witcher Sense to discover a lifeless physique propped up on a fence alongside the street close by. Loot the man’s physique right here for a Crumpled Letter and the Key to burned down home quest objects– this may activate the side-quest ‘A Plea Ignored’.

Learn the Crumpled Letter within the Key Objects part of the stock. This can replace the goals.

Make your solution to the burned home on the ened of the trail a brief distance to the south. Whack on geralt’s Witcher Sense and find the glowing pink chest (close to the bee hive). Loot this this for some new gear (first rate Silver Sword and Boots in my recreation together with Diagram: Impera brigade Armor)., some money and another goodies.

Looting the chest can even finish the side-quest.

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