Witcher 3 Cabaret Walkthrough

Cabaret Walkthrough

From Dandelion on the Rosemary and Thyme in Novigrad after finishing the ‘A Poet Below Stress’ quest.

This quest will start by talking to Dandelion within the Rosemary and Thyme.

After a quick dialog, he’ll ship you off to Madame Irena on the Mummer’s space (the place we did the play earlier within the sport). Communicate together with her to obtain a Blunt Sword. Now head over to the subsequent goal marker. We’ll want to satisfy Dandelion right here after sunset, so meditate till the appointed hour (8PM ought to do it!).

As soon as you’re there on the proper time, you’ll converse with Dandelion who’ll fill you in on his grasp plan. Throughout the ensuing scene, you’ll have a timed resolution to make:

  • Learn from the cardboard
  • Gimme your purse

Neither of those choices actually issues outdoors of dialogue, so be happy to decide on both. You’ll quickly break right into a sword struggle. The trick right here is to let your opponent whack you a number of occasions (he’s solely stage 1 so he shouldn’t harm you an excessive amount of).

Upon getting taken sufficient harm one other scene will play, after which we’ll want to move again to the Rosemary and Thyme. Meditate till morning.

You’ll be thrust right into a dialog with Pricilla at this level and must decide in regards to the constructing’s décor. You’ll be able to select both:

  • Boudoir
  • Theatrical
  • Let the builder select (Randomly selects one of many different two choices)

So far as I can inform there isn’t any actual impression on the sport from making both of those selections apart from the aesthetics contained in the Rosemary and Thyme, nonetheless dialogue means that Dandelion appears to understand the Theatre choice extra.

Following your resolution, the hunt goals will replace. We’ll now want to search out Dandelion – make your means over to the brand new goal marker to search out him. Communicate with him.

While you go away the dialog, activate your Witcher Sense and search the fast space for the hidden key. You’ll be able to examine the next:

The rock on the bottom by the door. Cup on the bench to the proper of the door. Bucket close to some crates to the proper of the door.

Upon getting situated the Key, use it to unlock the door. This can set off a dialog. Throughout the chat, you’ll have a pair of timed selections to make:

  • “Let Dandelion clarify…”
  • “Ask for a beating…”

Selecting the primary choice will defuse the state of affairs peacefully, while threatening the cranky man may have the scene escape in a fist struggle through which you’ll must take him down. Both means you select to method the state of affairs, the scene will finish just about the identical means – Dandelion will head again to the Rosemanry and Thyme and also you’ll get one other job to do.

This time we’ll want to move over to the port space. Enter the marked home for a scene. It doesn’t matter what choice you select through the ensuing dialog you’ll find yourself in a fist struggle. Upon getting overwhelmed the pair up, you’ll be informed the place to search out our goal – Vegelbud Property.

Quick journey to the Vegelbud Residence signpost and make your means over to the racing space. You’ll need to discover and converse with Rautlec right here – he’s a dwarf standing by the stands. Listed here are the implications of your dialog selections:

  • “I’ll win the race for you” – You’ll happen in a race. Finishing mentioned race victoriously will web you the placards, a Mastercrafted Saddle and 80 Crowns. Dropping the race may have you return to Dandelion emptyhanded. Pay his debt (200 Crowns) – Rautlec will repay his debt and he’ll ship the plcards to Dandelion. “Dandelion’ll must dwell with out placards” – You’ll be able to return to the Rosemary and Thyme with out placards.

Regardless of your selection or end result right here, you may return to the Rosemary and Thyme at this level and converse with Dandelion and Pricilla to finish the side-quest.

Observe: The follow-up ‘Carnal Sins’ side-quest will start instantly.

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