Witcher 3 Contract The Apiarian Phantom Walkthrough

Contract The Apiarian Phantom Walkthrough

This quest could be acquired by way of a discover posted on the Yantra Discover board.

Upon getting obtained the contract from the Yantra discover board, make your approach to the target marker on the map instantly east of Novigrad. It’s situated simply by the ‘Honeyfill Meadworks’ quick journey marker (when you’ve got that unlocked) or about midway between the ‘Arette’ and ‘Dancing Windmill’ quick journey markers.

Upon arriving on the Honeyfill Meadworks, enter the primary constructing right here to search out and communicate with the Halfling, Holofernes Meirsdorf on the bottom flooring. He’ll fill you in with slightly extra element on the contract.

After chatting with the Halfling, we’ll have to comply with a pair of his sons, Franklin and Bernie who’ll lead us to the location of the assault. While you arrive, study the investigation space. Activate Geralt’s Witcher Senses and examine the next factors of curiosity:

  • The small pool of blood subsequent to the bee hive.
  • The frozen bee hive within the centre of the search space.
  • A set of footprints main away from the bee hive.

Observe the footprints away from the frozen bee hive right here till they disappear into the water. At this level, comply with the shore to the south, killing two teams of Drowners and Drowned Useless enemies (be careful for the latter, they’re of a better stage!). Alongside the shore of the lake simply to the west of a small smash on the map, you’ll discover the footprints as soon as once more.

As soon as once more, comply with the footprints till they lead you to a small gap within the floor. We gained’t have the ability to go any additional, so climb up and study the ruined constructing above. Observe the target marker to discover a brief set of stairs main right down to the basement of the smash. Strategy the locked door for a scene.

Be aware: At this level, you’ll earn 25XP.

Following the brief scene, the door will now be unlockable. Open it and head inside if you find yourself prepared for a combat.

Boss: Apiarian Phantom

The Apiarian Phantom is actually a Hound of the Wild Hunt and though he has slightly extra well being than the usual variant, he’s luckily straightforward sufficient to remove. As with the opposite Hounds you’ve encountered beforehand, it utilises the identical basic transfer units because the rabid Canines or Wolves. As such its strikes are straightforward to foretell and dodge.

The Hounds of the Wild Hunt are weak towards IGNI and could be surprised utilizing AXII, so you should definitely utilise these two talents to make issues simpler on your self. Regardless of the cramped environment, you’ll nonetheless have to dodge the boss’s assaults nonetheless, so attempt to transfer laterally moderately than ahead or again to forestall your self from getting caught on a wall or cornered.

Apart from that, in comparison with a number of the different contract monsters, this one ought to be a push over. Merely dodge assaults and drill him with your individual when there may be a gap and after a brief combat victory will likely be yours!

As soon as the boss is useless loot its physique for the Wild Hunt Hound Trophy together with every other objects of curiosity it’s carrying round.

Together with your new Wild Hunt Hound Trophy in hand, return to the Holofernes Meirsdorf who can now be discovered within the fields exterior the Honeyfill Meadworks at hand within the side-quest.

Be aware: At this level, you’ll earn 250XP and 249 Crowns.

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