Witcher 3 Dowry Quest Guide (Hidden Treasure)

Witcher 3 Dowry Quest Information

Begin Location: On the easternmost of the three hidden treasure icons on the map on the islands to the west of Oxenfurt proper on the coast.

If you arrive on the marker, use Witcher Sense to seek out the useless physique by the water that’s indicated by the purple glow. Loot the man’s physique right here for an Unsent Letter and a Barely Bent Key – looting these will activate the side-quest ‘Dowry’.

Learn the Unsent Letter within the Key Objects part of the stock. This may replace the aims.

It’s a good suggestion to meditate and put together a this level as you’ll have a struggle with a robust monster in a second. When you’re able to proceed, use Witcher Sense to find the chest by the grounded boat close by. Use the Barely Bent Key on the chest right here to finish the side-quest.

This may also have the unintended consequence of triggering a struggle. At this level you’ll encounter a stage 32 Basilisk. Use your common flying monster techniques on it (use AARD/Crossbow to carry it down) and keep away from its spit and melee assaults as they’ll poison you. Upon getting defeated the Basilisk, you’re free to go in your merry approach with one other accomplished quest beneath your belt.

Go you good factor!

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