Witcher 3 Empty Coop Walkthrough

Empty Coop Walkthrough

To the east of Novigrad. From Yanina at a small home alongside the street to the west of the Dancing Windmill and east of the Honeyfill Meadworks quick journey Markers.

After getting spoken with Yanina in entrance of her small cottage to start the hunt, activate your Witcher Senses to seek out the Wolf footprint by the quick wall surrounding her yard. Hop the wall and find the wolf tracks once more. Observe these a brief distance and proceed after them once they veer in the direction of the river on the precise.

Swim instantly throughout the river from the tip of the tracks to seek out one other set of footprints on the far financial institution of the river. Examine these after which proceed to observe them till you come throughout a small campsite.

Notice: For locating the camp, you’ll earn 10XP.

Following a brief dialog, you’ll be tasked with returning to the hunt giver. Through the subsequent chat, persuade Yanina to undertake the kids to finish the side-quest.

Notice: For finishing the hunt, you’ll earn 25XP.

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