Witcher 3 Family Fortune Walkthrough (Hidden Treasure)

Household Fortune Walkthrough – Hidden Treasure

By the Ruined Inn journey marker alongside the coastal highway to the east of Fyresdal you’ll discover a Hidden Treasure marker.

If you attain the placement and have made the zone secure (there’s a Monster nest virtually straight on high of it that it is best to cope with first), enter the Inn and use Witcher Sense to discover a glowing pink chest. Loot this for a Letter – this can activate the side-quest ‘Household Fortune’.

Learn the Letter within the Key Objects part of the stock. This can replace the targets.

Hop within the sailboat conveniently parked close by and use it to shortly attain the subsequent goal marker by a shipwreck within the bay to the southwest. As you arrive you’ll discover that there are few Sirens patrolling the realm. Hop into the water and have them assault you right here so to crossbow them to loss of life.

When the realm is obvious of baddies, enter the search zone, activate your Witcher Senses and discover a chest (it seems as orange, not pink). Loot this to finish the side-quest.

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