Witcher 3 Fencing Lessons Walkthrough

Fencing Classes Walkthrough

from the Var Attre property after talking with Rosa var Attre within the ‘Damaged Flowers’ essential story quest.

To start the hunt, we’ll want to talk with the Var Attre Guard Captain positioned exterior of the property, which might be discovered simply east of the St Gregory’s Bridge quick journey marker. Following the dialog, we’ll want to move to the target marker positioned within the far south-eastern portion of Novigrad.

Notice: At this level you’ll earn 10XP.

Communicate with Rosa var Attre whenever you arrive to proceed the hunt.

Comply with Rosa a brief distance up the close by hill onto the bridge. Right here you’ll have to duel her. Happily, she hasn’t improved because you fought her beforehand and as earlier than, you’ll be able to win this struggle very simply by merely riposting and following up with an assault till she offers up.

Notice: At this level you’ll earn 25XP.

Following the struggle Rosa will disappear. Head over to the search space and use Witcher Sense to discover a set of footprints. Comply with the prints south down into city till you discover Rosa being confronted by some bandits. Through the ensuing dialog you’ll have a number of choices:

  • Bribe them with 50 Crowns – They are going to depart with out incident. This selection may even web you 10XP.
  • Use AXII (Stage 2) – They are going to depart with out incident. This selection may even web you 40XP. “Depart her alone. Piss off.” – This can begin a struggle by which you’ll have to kill all of them.

Regardless of your alternative in the course of the dialog, after one ultimate chat with Rosa, the hunt will probably be accomplished.

Notice: For finishing the hunt, you’ll earn 25XP.

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