Witcher 3 For the Advancement of Learning Quest Walkthrough

Witcher 3 For the Development of Studying

This quest is acquired mechanically upon finishing the side-quest ‘A Favour for a Pal’.

Following the earlier quest, you’re going to need to head over to the Tower on Fyke Isle once more. You may both swim throughout, seize a ship or use the quick journey signpost we might have unlocked earlier to succeed in the tower shortly.

Strategy the tower for a scene. Right here you’ll have a number of dialogue choices:

  1. “Can’t allow you to“ – This can provoke a boss combat.
  2. “Tons of might die…“ – This can begin up a brand new dialog the place you may persuade her to go to Kaer Morhen.
  3. “It’s suicide” – This can begin up a brand new dialog the place you may persuade her to go to Kaer Morhen.
  4. “Do what you need“ – She’ll depart.

Be aware: Recruiting her to go to Kaer Morhen is necessary as it’s required to finish the ‘Brothers in Arms: Velen’ optionally available primary quest and can be wanted for the ‘Full Crew’ achievement/trophy and for assist later within the recreation.

Be aware: Permitting Keira to depart or triggering the boss combat may have you fail the ‘Brothers in Arms: Velen’ quest.

Regardless of all the explanations that you just shouldn’t, When you do select the “Can’t allow you to” possibility, you’ll provoke a boss combat.

Boss: Witch

This boss favours ranged assaults and makes use of magical lightning strikes and fires rock projectiles at you that you just’ll must roll/dodge to keep away from taking injury. It’s also capable of teleport fairly a protracted distance which it’ll do to always preserve you at vary the place it might utilise its projectile assaults.

The trick to beating this one down as shortly as you may is to roll/dodge the assaults it throws at you to get in shut and mash away along with your sword till it teleports away. Repeat the method till a scene performs to finish the hunt.

Both manner you select to play out the top of this quest chain, after a short scene the hunt will draw to a detailed.

Be aware: Irrespective of the selection you make, At this level you’ll earn 200XP.

Be aware: At this level you’ll earn the achievement/trophy ‘Buddies With Advantages’.

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