Witcher 3 How to Beat Royal Wyvern

Tips on how to Beat Royal Wyvern

The Royal Wyvern battle is much like each the Basilisk, Cockatrice and Griffin fights we’ve encountered earlier within the recreation. Fortuitously, it acts in a lot the identical means because the aforementioned monsters and as such the ways stay primarily the identical.

While it does have wings, for essentially the most half it should assault from the bottom and has fairly a big space of assault as a consequence of its wings having the ability to carry out sweeping strikes. The Royal Wyvern may also leap within the air and leap assault at your place in addition to utilising a nasty lunge assault, which you’ll be able to roll underneath if timed accurately. Much like the Basilisk it is ready to spit inexperienced projectiles at you which can poison Geralt if it makes contact. When it’s within the air, it should attempt a swooping assault that may be simply rolled underneath/away from however will hit like a tonne of bricks if not prevented.

Though it’s in all probability apparent, with all of your rolling about avoiding assaults, ensure to not roll off the cliff right here to your demise!

The simplest solution to take it down rapidly is to make use of a mix of AXII to stun it, IGNI and AARD to dish out injury or YRDEN to gradual its actions to get just a few assaults in. While within the air, hit it with crossbow bolts or AARD while it’s flying to carry it crashing to the bottom – run up and smash it just a few occasions after which use your dodges and rolls to keep away from its ground-based assaults while dispensing your personal assaults while you see a gap. Repeat this course of till it hits the mud.

Boss: Royal Wyvern

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