Witcher 3 How to Beat White Lady (Noonwraith)

Find out how to Beat White Woman (Noonwraith)

Boss: White Woman (Noonwraith)

In case you accomplished the ‘Contract: Satan by the Effectively’ Witcher Contract in White Orchard close to the beginning of the sport, this boss struggle is basically the identical. As that is the case, the identical basic techniques will apply, simply to a better stage enemy.

The White Woman seems in a ghostly type at first and can carry out some very swift swipe assaults and a few common fashion melee assaults, each of which can injury fairly a bit once they hit. She’ll additionally have the ability to blind Geralt quickly and create copies of herself which can restore her well being so long as they’re out. As such, when she splits into a number of clones kill them as rapidly as potential to scale back the quantity of well being regain she is ready to obtain.

The best technique to defeat the Noonwraith is to plant a YRDEN signal lure and lure her by means of it – this may rework her from her ghostly type right into a bodily type which can take considerably extra injury than the ghostly model. It’s best to make use of your swords on the bodily type, get successful or two in after which again off to keep away from her assaults. Proceed till she’s useless… however for actual this time.

White Woman (Noonwraith)

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