Witcher 3 Shortcut Walkthrough (Hidden Treasure)

Witcher 3 Shortcut Walkthrough

Begin Location: On the island of Undvik – the massive, southwestern island of the Skellege Isles. This may be discovered by a ship on the northern shore of the lake simply to the west of the ‘Dorve Ruins’ and northeast of the ‘Urskar’ quick journey markers.

This location of curiosity will pop up as a Hidden Treasure marker as you get shut. As you method it, you’ll see that it’s highlighting a small rowboat on the shore which is guarded by a gaggle of three Bandits. Upon getting cleared the realm of the unhealthy guys, use Geralt’s Witcher Sense to look at a bag of loot within the boat for a Torn piece of paper.

Learn the Torn piece of paper within the Key Gadgets part of the stock. This may replace our aims and set off the ‘Shortcut’ side-quest.

Make your solution to the target marker out within the water to the southeast of your present location. Right here a search space will open up round a sunken ship (the mast ought to be seen above the water). Dive underwater and search the lakebed utilizing Witcher Sense to discover a glowing purple chest.

Loot this chest right here to finish the side-quest. It incorporates a 40 Florens, Runestones, some artefact armor and a few crafting reagents.

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