Witcher 3 The Fall of the House of Reardon Walkthrough

The Fall of the Home of Reardon Walkthrough

Begin Location: This quest may be acquired by way of a discover posted on the Lindenvale Discover board.

After buying the discover on the Lindenvale board, it’s best to head over and converse to the crying NPC close by by the title of Dolores. Ask her in regards to the monsters in her house.

Following the chat, make your method over to the manor to the east.

Word: Relying on the alternatives you made earlier in Vizima to the query “Did you kill Letho, or let him dwell?” while being interviewed, this side-quest will play out in fully alternative ways.

Listed here are the 2 eventualities that may unfold:

  • Possibility 1 – Letho is Useless
  • Possibility 2 – Letho is Alive

Possibility 1 – Letho is Useless

If Letho is useless, if you arrive on the manor, you’ll discover it overrun by Wraiths. Kill any within the open and head into every of the buildings to seek out and clear all of them out.

As soon as they’re all useless, you’ll be able to mosey on over to Dolores in Lindenvale to finish the side-quest.

Possibility 2 – Letho is Alive

If Letho is alive, if you arrive on the manor, a big yellow search space will seem on the mini-map and also you’ll need to change in your Witcher Senses as you discover it. It is because there can be traps all over the place (journey wires and bear traps particularly) and also you’ll need to keep away from or disarm them.

Enter the barn on the south facet of the property. Inside, it would be best to watch out as there may be as soon as once more traps scattered all over the place. Your objective is the ladder we will examine on the ground by the again wall reverse the doorway.

Climbing it will set off a scene and in addition kick off one other side-quest ‘Ghosts of the Previous’ which is able to run concurrently to this one. Through the dialog right here, agree to assist Letho.

Following the scene, you’ll be out within the courtyard beneath. There are 8-10 bounty hunters right here seeking to kill our buddy. Fortuitously he’s fairly sturdy, so let him take aggro if it is advisable to restore well being for a second. With Letho at your facet, you shouldn’t have any hassle dispatching them.

Word: You may return to Lindenvale and hand in ‘The Fall of the Home of Reardon’ at any time after the primary battle with Letho. I’d recommend nevertheless that you simply full the ‘Ghosts of the Previous’ quest first.

If you end up prepared to finish the hunt, we will mosey on over to Dolores in Lindenvale to finish the side-quest.

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