Witcher 3 X Marks the Spot Walkthrough (Hidden Treasure)

Witcher 3 X Marks the Spot Walkthrough

Begin Location: This may be began inside a small shack simply to the east of the lake south of the ‘Blandare’ quick journey marker in central Ard Skellig. That is additionally very near the southwest of the Hidden Treasure marker related to the ‘Freya Be Praised’ side-quest.

After finding the shack to the east of the lake, head on inside. As soon as you might be in doorways, use Geralt’s Witcher Sense to look at the human stays in the course of the ground.

Upon looting the physique you’ll obtain a Mysterious Map’ and an Outdated Key. Learn the Mysterious Map merchandise within the Key Objects part of the stock. This can set off the ‘X Marks the Spot side-quest. Notice that looting the objects could have a Wraith spawn outdoors of the shack, so be ready for a battle as you allow.

Make your solution to the target marker to the west, simply alongside the street to the southeast of the city of Fayrlund. Contained in the search space, find the small stream with the waterfall and make your means right down to it. Behind the waterfall is a small cave containing a chest.

Use the Outdated Key on the chest right here to unlock it and loot it to finish the side-quest. It incorporates a Runestone, and another goodies.

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