Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Avenging Paladin Build Guide

Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Avenging Paladin Construct

The Avenging Paladin serves many functions, and in contrast to the everyday Jack of All Trades, it’s a grasp of all of them. From defending, therapeutic, and buffing themselves and allies, to making use of debilitating debuffs on enemies, and controlling the battlefield with numerous abilities earlier than smiting their foes with large bursts of Sacred harm, the Avenging Paladin is nice for solo play, and even higher as a strong addition to any multiplayer group.

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The Avenging Paladin desires a superb mixture of excessive Resistances and Block Probability with excessive Pressure Protect. To this finish, you need your Helmet, Chest-Piece, Pants, and Boots to be Heavy, and also you need your Spaulders and Gauntlets to be Sorcerer.

Attempt to concentrate on further All Resistance, Block Probability/Effectiveness, Pressure Protect, and Bodily/Occult/Sacred harm bonuses together with your tools and accent bonus stats. Avoid Bruiser and Rogue gear, because the minuscule bonuses to Hit Factors is inconsequential to the Paladin’s large Pressure Protect and Resistances.

Sadly, the Avenging Paladin can’t equip a protect, as most of their Energetic Abilities are Spells that require a Employees or Catalyst. Because of this, the Avenging Paladin’s weapon slots can be geared up with a one-handed melee weapon and a Catalyst. Nevertheless, there’s a distinctive protect within the sport known as Quintet of Sundowns that lets you forged Sacred Spells with it geared up, so managing to search out, purchase, or commerce for this protect could be an enormous boon to the Avenging Palading.

Energetic Abilities

Wrath of Baapheth

Really helpful Modifiers – Wounded Satisfaction, Stolen Mild, Out For Blood, Deadly Ambitions, Draining Lifeforce. Stolen Mild specifically is the explanation Wrath of Baapheth was chosen for this construct, because the Avenging Paladin positive factors large bonuses to Sacred Harm.


Really helpful Modifiers – Beast of the Battlefield, Standing Rock, Perpetual Osmosis, Equalizor, Sound Physique.

Bulwark of Daybreak

Really helpful Modifiers – Sacred Grounds, Haven of Males, Embracing Conviction, Divine Omnipresence, Aegis of Hope.


Really helpful Modifiers – Insuppressible Rhapsody, Holy Floor, Blinding Mild, Hope’s Arrival, Noble Rider.


Really helpful Modifiers – Plasmic Eruption, Weight of the Solar, Devastation, Day of Reckoning, Grit and Mettle.

Passive Abilities

Tier 1 Passive Abilities

Soldier – Succesful > Succesful > Ache Resistance Program > Stalwart > Second Wind > Ache Resistance Program > Unyielding

From the primary Ache Resistance Program, go to Quickdraw > Zealous Would possibly > Zealous Would possibly > Dauntless

Scholar – Hardy > Hardy > Steadfast > Chemically Empowered Mind > Heroic Resolve > Air purifier’s Will > Steadfast > Unyielding

From the primary Steadfast, go Emotional Intelligence > Adept > Witchcraft Advisor > Attrition Strategist

Tier 2 Passive Abilities

Praetorian – From Soldier’s second Ache Resistance Program, go Impervious Wall > Mighty > None Shall Move > Excellent Protection > Selfless Braveness > Immortal Blood > Retaliator > Rightful Vengeance > Rightful Vengeance > Perseverance > Iron Pores and skin > Iron Pores and skin > Iron Pores and skin > Brutality > Kingless Aegis > Unorthodox Method > Regal Blessing

Warlock – From Praetorian’s Perseverance, go Unholy Dominion > Magical Mastery > Magical Mastery > Dominator > Sharp Perception > Sharp Perception > Self-Restraint > Ravenous Magic > Ravenous Magic > Religion Leech > Impatient > Resilience to Corruption > Robust-Willed > Spellslinger > Elemental Manipulation > Witchcraft Adept > Residual Power

From Spellslinger, go Hyper Self-Conscious > Obligation to Exterminate > Twisted Obligation

Tier 3 Passive Abilities

Eos – From Praetorian’s Perseverance, go forward and fill out all the Eos tree. Each talent is beneficial to the construct’s functions, and gives not solely the mechanics to assist it, but in addition the “taste” of an Avenging Paladin. The Eos tree prices 20 talent factors in complete.

Abyssal Shaper – From Warlock’s Unholy Dominion, go Guttural Dowry > His Whispered Lullabies > His Whispered Lullabies > Pact Grasp’s Track > Deadly Pact > Wounded Protect

From Guttural Dowry, go Unholy Omen > Unholy Omen > Agonizing Ray

Please word that this isn’t meant to be the precise order you’re taking these abilities, reasonably, it’s merely itemizing which abilities to take at which gate tiers. Detailing precisely which ranges to take which talent nodes could be too prolonged of a course of, and could be pointless anyhow because it’s a matter of private choice.

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