X4: Foundations – Combat, Boarding and Turret Settings


Historical past has at all times been written by the victor and nice treasures await these prepared to take them by pressure. Whether or not it’s defending participant owned merchants from marauding pirates or galactic conquest there’ll at all times be loads of causes to be armed and harmful.

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Ships armed with weapons and turrets can shoot at different ships to deal harm to them. Shields will take in harm taken till they’re depleted however solely begin to recharge after not having taken harm for a time frame. Particular person floor parts of ships might be focused to disable them nonetheless these may have their very own unbiased shielding. As soon as shields are depleted the ship or floor component will begin taking hull harm from landed hits. If the hull of a floor component reaches 0 it’s disabled till repaired whereas if the ship hull 0 it should blow up destroying the ship and if the participant was on-board it should lead to a Recreation Over.

Weapons might be sorted into teams underneath the Weapon Configuration a part of the Ship Interactions Menu permitting for the participant to change between utilizing particular weapons (eg. excessive harm lengthy vary and correct brief vary weapons). Main ship weapons will mechanically attempt to purchase the chosen goal ship whereas secondary weapons will intention on the place the cursor is pointing. Turrets will mechanically fireplace at targets prioritising sure targets primarily based on the mode they’re set to. Most ships have blind spots from which they can’t assault making preferrred spots for his or her enemies to manoeuvre into. Though a person ship might be good at dueling opponents, superior numbers are one other method to win battles.

Turret Settings


Hacking or destroying ships and station storage modules will trigger them to drop a proportion of their cargo for different ships to gather. Accumulating wares dropped from a station is taken into account theft so the station might flip hostile with any ships that do. NPC ships even have an opportunity to drop wares for the participant stock depending on the kind and faction of ship killed.

Claiming Smaller ships

Throughout fight S and M dimension ships have an opportunity to bail leaving the ship deserted and capable of be claimed by different faction or the participant. To assert an deserted, the participant should spacewalk to it, after which find and scan a sign leak. After the ship turns into participant property, the participant can dock with the ship and fly it away.

Alternatively choose the impartial ship after which proper click on it to order a Marine working as crew onboard the participant ship to go and declare the craft utilizing a boarding pod. The used marine will then be positioned quickly because the Pilot of the brand new ship as soon as possession has been transferred.

Capturing Bigger Ships

L and XL ships and stations must be boarded to be captured. Boarding requires ample Marine crew on the playership. To arrange for boarding, the goal must be nullified (taking out the engines, turrets and shields). To provoke boarding, choose the playership after which proper click on the goal and order Marines to board the goal.

Attempt to maintain the subsystems destroyed, and work on decreasing hull ranges however to not the extent that the boarding marines will destroy the ship. As soon as the goal hull is sufficiency low to cut back boarding resistance beneath the boarding power of the gamers forces (20 or extra is nice) the ship is pretty much as good as captured. If profitable, a Marine might be assigned because the captain for the ship or the participant can transfer to the ship personally.

Fleet Administration

Ships can kind hierarchical teams.  A pacesetter adopted by a number of “wingmen” sometimes called a squad, but additionally a number of ranges deep as quickly as a pacesetter of 1 group itself follows directions of one other chief.

Organising such a fleet might be accomplished the simplest by choosing one or a number of ships that are alleged to be the followers on the map, then proper clicking on the brand new chief. The context menu will now present ASSIGNMENT choices corresponding to the brand new behaviour to DEFEND this chief. Deciding on this selection will transfer all these ships into the hierarchy of this chief. A plus image now seem in entrance of the chief ship within the OBJECT LIST in addition to the PROPERTY OWNED menus along with the map.

Ships that are in such a squad or fleet can nonetheless obtain and execute express participant orders. These orders would overwrite their present behaviour to comply with their “boss” for his or her length. This manner a participant can use any ship for a commerce run or overwrite their targets throughout a battle.

When ships are in a squad or fleet, they will additionally fly in formations. The command order menu of the chief, does permit number of the presently used formation.

Sector Management

Administrative Centre modules when accomplished grant possession of an unowned sector on a primary come first served foundation revealing all ships and stations within the sector and imposing the unlawful wares listing of the proudly owning faction. If the Administrative Centre module is destroyed sector possession will change over to the subsequent faction with an Administrative Centre. Waring NPC factions are continually taking part in a turf warfare to switch the Defence Platforms of their enemy with one in all their very own. As soon as the participant has acquired Blueprints for an Administrative Centre, they can also conquer total sectors if they’re prepared to defend it.

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