XCOM Chimera Squad Achievement Guide (How to Get All Achievements)

This information will possible comprise spoilers!

This information is presently unfinished and can be fleshed out higher over the approaching days. If in case you have something you want to add to the information, be happy to remark and I’ll add it in if I really feel it would assist gamers unlock the achievements. Likewise, remark if I’ve gotten something fallacious.

XCOM Chimera Squad Achievements Information

Investigation Achievements

Metropolis on Fireplace
Full the tutorial.

After finishing the tutorial, your squad will arrive at their new base. You’ll be given a tour across the interface, however particularly the Metropolis Map. At this level, you’ll be capable of select from three investigations. Which one you select will decide what story missions you’ll have on the Metropolis Map.

The first missions will seem in Purple. If you full these, you’ll unlock extra issues for the investigation till you discover out the faction chief. Proceed to observe these Purple missions till you clear up all the investigation. There are a complete of three investigations:

Youngster’s Play
Full the Progeny Investigation

Sacred Foiled
Full the Sacred Coil Investigation

Phoenix Down
Full the Grey Phoenix Investigation

As you progress by way of the investigations, you’ll have periodic home windows pop-up the place you’ll have to decide on a narrative course. Whereas I’m not sure of the timeline particularly, these choices do change the narrative of the investigation and there’s an achievement associated to them.

Each Timeline
Full all variations of every Faction’s Takedown mission over a number of campaigns.

There are two problem associated achievements for Chimera Squad. Finishing the sport on any problem and finishing the sport on Unattainable problem. When you’ve chosen to play by way of with Unattainable proper off the bat, you’ll earn each achievements on the identical time.

Heroes of Metropolis 31
Win the marketing campaign.

Unattainable Dream
Win the marketing campaign on Unattainable problem.

Analysis Achievements

No Stone Left Unturned
Full each Spec Op at the least as soon as in a single marketing campaign.

When on the base interface on the right-hand aspect, click on the orange plate to open up the Spec Ops menu. From right here, you may assign your squad-mates to varied assignments that may yield rewards. Full all missions right here all through the marketing campaign.

Hammer and Tongs
Full 20 Meeting Initiatives in a single marketing campaign.

Clicking on the blue plate to open up the Meeting menu, you’ll have varied objects to analysis by assigning your squad-mate to the interface. Full twenty of those initiatives and also you’ll internet this achievement.

Machine Studying
Absolutely improve an Android.

You’ll be capable of buy Android upgrades from the Meeting menu. Getting the entire upgrades for the Android ought to get you this achievement.

Have Kinetic Armor on all 4 squad members directly.

That is possible unlocked by first researching it within the Meeting after which buying it for all of your Brokers.

Seize Achievements

You’ll discover these enemies when doing particular investigations.

Bottled Lightning
Seize a Sorcerer

Use the Massive Cuffs
Seize a Praetorian

Caged Sword
Seize a Ronin

Agent Achievements

A New Look
Launch a mission with no human brokers within the squad.

The extra Brokers you unlock, the simpler this can be to setup. Merely begin a mission with no people in your squad. You’ll want a minimal of 4 brokers which might be non-human to do that achievement.

Chimera Unleashed
Use each Agent in at the least one mission.

There are a complete of 11 Brokers in Chimera Squad:

  • Godmother
  • Terminal
  • Verge
  • Shelter
  • Patchwork
  • Claymore
  • Blueblood
  • Axiom
  • Torque
  • Zephyr
  • Cherub

Merely use considered one of them in a single mission and also you’ll get this achievement. You’ll unlock extra Brokers as you go and also you’ll need to experiment, so this can be a pretty pure achievement to get.

Attain max rank with all Brokers in a single marketing campaign.

There are 11 Brokers that you simply’ll need to get to max rank. Whereas I’m not sure the specifics, it looks as if you get expertise fast sufficient that you simply’ll naturally get this as long as you’re utilizing your whole Brokers periodically by way of the marketing campaign. Their rank will be considered within the Armory.

E book Good
Full all of 1 Agent’s class coaching.

On the right-hand aspect of the bottom interface, you’ll see a inexperienced plate. Click on this and also you’ll entry the Coaching menu. From right here, you may choose an Agent and practice them over a interval of days. Full the category coaching for one Agent and also you’ll get this.

Agent-Particular Achievements

Additional Hours
As Godmother, activate Additional time and down an enemy on each turns.

…Makes the Dream Work
Full an goal with an motion from Terminal’s Cooperation.

That is the third rank improve that Terminal will get. On a mission that has goals (ex: Contraband) and use her potential on one other Agent so that they get one other flip. Use that Agent to finish the target and also you’ll get this achievement simply.

Thoughts Nuke
Use Verge to do 10 or extra harm with one Mindflay.

Mindflay is the third rank improve for Verge. When utilizing his Psi skills, enemies affected can be added to his Impartial Community. Get about 4 enemies on this Community after which use his Mindflay. The power itself does 2-3 common harm, so you could possibly attempt 5 enemies to be protected.

Chain Response
Use Claymore to detonate a Shrapnel Bomb with one other explosive.

Geese in a Row
Use Blueblood to hit 3 or extra enemies with one Section Lance shot.

Kill Swap
Hack an enemy Android with Patchwork and set off Self-Destruct.

Daisy Chain
Relocate the identical unit with Shelter and his ghost in a single flip.

Use Zephyr to hit 3 or extra enemies with one use of Crowd Management.

Crowd Management is the third rank potential for Zephyr. When there are three or extra enemies grouped in a single location, use the Crowd Management potential on all three. The radius is fairly small so that they’ll need to be grouped up fairly properly. Seemingly, you’ll want Zephyr nearer too.

Watch your Step
Use Torque to Tongue Pull an enemy into poison.

Torque has her Poison Spit potential on the third rank. Throw down your Poison Spit close to an enemy after which use the Tongue potential to relocate them into the Poison. You don’t need to kill them, simply deliver them into that gooey inexperienced pool.

Anger Administration
Kill an enemy with Axiom whereas Berserk.

Want a Carry
Transfer a VIP with Shelter’s Relocate and Torque’s Tongue Pull.

Fight Achievements

…and Clear
Clear a complete encounter throughout the Breach flip.

That is finest achieved on the best problem together with your most aggressive Brokers. I’d advocate utilizing Godmother, as she tends to have a variety of harm along with her shotgun. I might additionally stray away from utilizing Zephyr as her melee potential is finished after the breach itself.

I’ll Let Myself In
Use each sort of Breach level.

I’m presently not sure what number of Breach factors there are. I might advocate swapping out your Brokers periodically as some have alternative ways of breaching inherent to their character. I’m additionally constructive that objects bought from Meeting may also help you entry sure Breach factors.

Military of One
Full a mission with just one Agent left standing.

It was straightforward sufficient to finish on a VIP mission. Evacuate all of your Brokers apart from one. Then evacuate the VIP. The final Agent ought to trick the achievement into pondering you’ve solely obtained one Agent left and also you’ll internet the achievement.

In any other case, merely load up the best problem and get to a primary mission. Let three of your Brokers die whereas ensuring to stabilize them as wanted. Then full the remainder of the simple mission with the Agent of your alternative; I might advocate Zephyr for this personally.

Pacifist Route
Full a mission with out killing a single enemy.

Utilizing the Subdue potential, you may simply get this on a one-encounter mission. I’d advocate doing it on the best problem and including objects into Agent utility slots that make their Subdue do extra harm. If in case you have Zephyr, her Area Agent potential permits her assaults to knock unconscious as an alternative of kill too.

Up Shut and Private
Full an encounter by solely dealing harm with melee assaults.

The identical means you get the Pacifist achievement. Use your Subdue potential on all of the enemies in a mission and also you’ll get this. Once more, finest achieved with Zephyr on the best problem. Remember to add the utility objects that makes Subdue extra highly effective.

Miscellaneous Achievements

Strengthened Metal
Exchange an Agent mid-mission with an Android.

It is best to have Androids unlocked. Click on on the field on the right-hand aspect of the bottom interface to enter Provide. Click on on the final icon to categorize and buy the Android for $150. You have got the choice to deploy them once you begin one other mission on the Metropolis Map.

That is finest achieved on a mission that has a number of encounters. Permit considered one of your brokers to die in fight throughout the first encounter. As soon as stabilized and also you’ve cleared that encounter, you’ll have the choice to deploy this android throughout the Breach. Do that and get the achievement.

Area Commander
Unlock all Area Skills.

Entry the Metropolis Map and also you’ll discover that every space has a small sq. within the right-hand aspect of the nameplate. Clicking it will let you entry your Area Workforce. There’s Finance, Safety, and Expertise with three upgrades for every. Get all 9 for the achievement.

Pleasant Neighborhood XCOM
Have Rank 3 Area Groups in all 9 districts.

You’ll be able to select from one of many three classes for every of the 9 Area Groups. Select one after which improve them to rank three utilizing Intel. When you’ve gotten Rank 3 for each single district on the Metropolis Map, you’ll earn this achievement.

Superior Firepower
Equip an Epic Weapon.

At sure factors, the Scavenger Store will open up. There can be three random decisions to buy for Intel. Typically, these are weapons or varied rarity. Buying one won’t solely be an unimaginable boon to your squad, but additionally get you this achievement.

Thank You For Your Enterprise
Purchase 20 distinctive Scavenger Market objects in a single marketing campaign.

The Scavenger Store opens periodically all through the sport. You’ll get three random decisions to buy for Intel. When you’ve bought from the Scavenger Store twenty instances, you’ll get this achievement.

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